Table Setting Napkin Placement Ideas

Multiple Envelope Folds

Napkins are a need at every meal whether you're planning a gourmet spread or a casual picnic. Add them to the place setting in a way that highlights your décor and the occasion, as well as creating a nice presentation.

This napkin fold is accomplished by folding the corners in a loose style to create multiple envelope folds. The last fold is opened to feature a felt white poinsettia to create a great Christmas napkin design. You can use this napkin placement with any type of featured decoration for any occasion or themed dinner party.

Simple Elegant Ribbon

This French napkin fold is embellished with a peach-colored satin ribbon to go with the rest of the table decorations. Use this for a formal dinner where the plated food is served once your guests are seated. You can use this type of napkin placement for any occasion with any color or patterned ribbon.

Waterfall Napkin Placement

Create a waterfall effect with a folded linen napkin placed where the plate is set. Make sure that the ends of the napkin fall about four inches over the edge of the table. Anchor the napkin by placing the plate on top of it. Give your table setting a tropical look with an oversized leaf decoration set in the middle of the empty plate.

Paper Napkin Placement

While you can always fold a paper napkin, you don't necessarily get the same results as a linen napkin fold. Sometimes simple is the best choice. This square napkin is turned to accentuate a more interesting diamond shape. It's appropriate for casual dining.

Thin Gingham Ribbon

Sometimes all a table setting needs is a little touch of style. This spring garden feast is celebrated with a white tabletop and white china. The gray napkins add a needed touch of color to complement the sprigs of lavender. A thin green gingham ribbon tied about the napkins and utensils completes this subtle, sophisticated look.

Cascading Accordion Fold

This napkin fold is ideal for an ice tea or water tumbler. Using an open napkin, complete an accordion fold from corner to corner. Be sure to keep the ends at the top of your fold open. Once complete, fold the napkin length in half and place fold first into the glass. This looks great with modern decorations and a semi-formal to formal setting.

Elegant Lace for Romantic Desserts

If you're looking for an elegant napkin placement for a dessert setting, this is it! Take a lace trimmed napkin and lay it out flat. Pinch the center and pull napkin from the surface and set when you wish to place the dessert plate. Be sure that the two ends fan out to show off the lovely lace trim. Set the dessert plate and fork on top of the napkin.

Napkin on Charger Plate

Let the artist in you out to dress up a charger plate with a napkin wrapped around the center of the charger. The napkin placement works because of the distinct plate shapes and colors. It works best with cloth napkins that will stay put. This is a modern look for casual dining.

An Inviting Table Setting

A simple folded napkin becomes a placeholder with this bold statement. Instead of setting the napkin to the side or underneath the fork, this placement goes horizontally on the place mat, serving as a placeholder for the soon to arrive dinner plate. This is a great way to serve guests and create a little anticipation of "What's for dinner?"

Old-Fashioned and Chic

The art of gingham dining takes on a casual, vintage ambiance with this double rolled napkin. Simply roll each end of a folded napkin toward the center. Nothing will be served until the napkins are removed from the plate and placed on dinner guests' laps, then it'll be "Let's eat!"

Goblet Fans

A fanned napkin in a goblet is perhaps the most recognizable napkin placement for luncheons and other meals. Fold the napkin lengthwise. Pleat the napkin from the bottom to the top. Fold the bottom of the pleated napkin (2"-3") and place folded end into goblet. Spread out the pleats to create a fan.

Create exciting table settings based on the type of meal and occasion. If you're preparing for a holiday, consider using holiday placemats in addition to festive napkins. No matter what the reason is for the meal, your family and guests are sure to enjoy a beautifully set table!

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