Placemat Sizes

Blue placemats on outdoor dining table

Deciding on the placemat size for your dining table is easy since most placemats come in standard sizes. Using different sizes and shapes of placemats can accentuate your dinner plates or create a fun tablespace for a special occasion.

Standard Size Placemats

Placemats come in many sizes and shapes. Standard sizes include:


The standard size for a rectangle placemat is 14" x 18". This placemat is the most commonly used shape. It's ideal for a rectangle or square table.

Holiday place setting on table


The standard size for a square placemat is 13" x 13". A square placemat can be easily used with a square table. Since a square placemat provides smaller surface protection, a typical 10" dinner plate may overlap. You may need to step down to an 8" or 9" round plate. This shape is an ideal choice for a square-shaped dinner plate or novelty shapes, such as a leaf.

Wine glasses and gold square placemats


The standard size for a round placemat is 15" in diameter. This placemat can be easily used on a rectangle, square, or round table. While it can be used on an oval table, typically oval placemats look better visually.

Dining table flowers and round placemats


The standard oval placemat is 13" x 19". The most ideal table shape for this placemat is an oval table since it will fit the curved edges without overlapping.

Breakfast on woven oval placemat

Cut Corners

The standard size for cut-corner style placemats is 14" x 18". The missing corners of this shape make it visually appealing and there is little chance of overlapping with most table shapes.

Meal on placemat with cut corners

Oversized Placemats

Not all meals demand a standard-sized placemat. There are times when you'll want an oversized one.

Charger Plates

Most charger plates are between 11" to 14" in diameter. The average size used is 12" with a 10" dinner plate. This can create an expanded diameter that dwarfs the placemat, so a larger one is needed. When a 14" charger is used with a 12" dinner plate, the placemat needs to extend a minimum of 2" beyond the plate for adequate protection of the table and visual balance.

  • Large dinner plates: You may need a larger placemat to accommodate large dinner plates.
  • Placemat style: You may prefer a placemat become more of a design statement that isn't nearly covered up by tableware, napkins, dinnerware, and stemware.
  • Shape of placemat: A unique shape of a placemat may warrant it being oversized.

Small Placemats

Small placemats in 12" diameter for round, oval, and square shapes can be a better choice than larger placemats. There are special occasions when a smaller one may be needed. These include:

  • Birthday party where cake and ice cream are the meal
  • Having guests over for coffee and dessert
  • A mid-day snack or salad warrants a smaller sized placemat.
  • A children's table warrants smaller dinnerware and utensils along with a smaller placemat.
  • A bistro table is an ideal candidate.
  • You may need a little style if the tabletop is crowded.
  • Reduced-size placemats can serve as hot pads to protect the table from heated serving plates and bowls.
  • If your table is uniquely beautiful, you wish to protect it, but not cover it up. Going smaller with placemats is a good choice.

Deciding to Use Placemats

There are several reasons why you might wish to use placemats. Some include:

  • The most common reason is to protect the surface of your dining table.
  • Dress up a dinner without having to use a tablecloth.
  • Provide a contrasting color to your dinnerware.
  • Celebrate a holiday or special occasion with themed placemats.
  • Add a little color and style to your meals.

Most Sizes Fit All

You have many choices of placemats to fit any table shape. Most placemats are standard sizes and will accommodate standard dinnerware.

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