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Large tablecloths are available through various specialty shops, but if you have a uniquely shaped or oversized table, you may need to have your tablecloth custom-made. You can find tablecloths for indoor or outdoor use as well as special occasions such as holidays, weddings and other celebrations or events.

Where to Find Large Tablecloths

Some of the best places to find large tablecloths are professional banquet suppliers, especially if your table is larger than standard-sized tablecloths.

  • Tablecloths Factory: There are many styles and colors choices available for large tablecloths up to sizes: Rectangle 96"x156", 120" round and 70"x180"oblong. Available fabrics include crinkle taffeta, polyester and damask flocking. If you need sashes and overlays for a wedding reception, you can also find these and other accessories on the website.
  • eFavorMart: Offers large tablecloths and linens up to sizes 132" round, 90" square and 90"x156" rectangle. Throw and fitted styles are available with various fabrics. Some of the available fabrics include taffeta, satin, polyester, spandex and flocking. Many of these larger sizes are also seamless.
  • Bright Settings: A huge selection of designs for logos, as well as fabrics, colors and patterns is offered for tradeshow tables. The most popular fabric choice is 100 percent polyester poplin. This fabric doesn't wrinkle and holds its shape. It's also very lightweight and easy to pack. If you're green conscious, you may prefer a 100 percent recycled poplin tablecloth. The two styles offered come in various sizes up to 90"x132" and 90"x156".

Banquet Tablecloth Sizes

There are many times you may opt for a banquet-sized table to seat all of your clan. You may find that a standard banquet-sized tablecloth will work, or you might need to have one custom-made. The average height of a table is 30" and a banquet tablecloth has a standard drop (fabric overhang) of 15". This allows the tablecloth to fall halfway between the tabletop and the floor. If you want your tablecloth to fall to the floor, then you need to add 30" to each side for a total of 60" to the width and length of your tabletop measurements.

Tradeshows and Event Tablecloths

You may be in charge of setting up a booth at a tradeshow that requires unusually long tables and large tablecloths. One popular choice is a typical banquet floor length tablecloth with a logo table runner centered over the tablecloth. This allows you more versatility in colors and patterns in your tablecloth choices that can be changed with seasons and special themed occasions. A second choice is to have your company or organization logo screen-printed directly onto the tablecloth. Cost considerations often dictate which style is best.

  • Throw tablecloth: This tablecloth drapes over the table with a full 30" drop to floor length.
  • Fitted tablecloth: Pleated corners and merrowed hem (rolled hem sewn with a Merrow serger).

Custom-Made Tablecloths

Custom-made tables can often have odd dimensions and need a specially made tablecloth. You may have an extra large table or a unique room layout that requires an oddly shaped table or simply use two tables together. Whatever the reason that you need a custom-made tablecloth, there are several online sources available for custom-made tablecloths. Just be certain your measurements are accurate before placing an order.

  • Tablecloth Designs: If you have an odd shaped table, you're required to create a pattern to submit to the company. Complete instructions are given. There is a one-time fee of $10 for non-standard sizes and an additional $15 fee for any non-standard shapes. There is also a form you can complete for the size you need. In addition, you are encouraged to email or call if you are unsure about the cost or process of ordering your custom tablecloth. Fabric colors are wide with many patterns available. Damask, linen, vinyl and laminate as well as seasonal and holiday themes fabrics are available.
  • Le Pin Parasol: Claim that they offer "Custom made tablecloths to suit any table", even one designed for an umbrella table. You can choose from a wide selection of styles and fabrics.

Other Considerations

Before you buy a tablecloth, make sure you take accurate measurements of your table and that it is a standard 30" height from the floor.

Add Drop Length to Measurements

You need to also add-in the length of the tablecloth drop. The drop length of your tablecloth is the amount of fabric that extends beyond the edge of the table. When allowing for a drop, you must remember that all table sides need to be accommodated for a drop length. This simply means you need to double the drop length measurement and then add it to the width and again to the length of your measurements. For a round table, simply add the drop twice to the diameter.

For example, if you have a 60" table and want a 10" drop, then the formula would be:

  • 60"+10"+10"=80" round tablecloth

Seam Versus Seamless

One thing to consider when selecting a company is how they construct large tablecloths. Most tablecloths that are over 50" or 60" in width require at least one seam and in some cases, two seams. It's best to check if the company matches patterns vertically and horizontally. While this method requires more fabric, it certainly is worth the extra expense for the professional appearance it gives your tablecloth.

Before You Order

It may help to create a checklist of the various features you need in your tablecloth that you can check off before placing your order. By taking time to double-check your measurements, allow for the drop and understanding how your tablecloth will be constructed, you ensure you end up with your ideal tablecloth.

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