Snowflake Table Runner

Snowflake table runner

A snowflake table runner can be used well beyond the holiday season. This addition to your table can keep the feeling of festivities alive while reflecting the winter climate outside your windows.

What Makes Snowflake Table Runners Special?

Using a table runner is the perfect way to bring design and color to a tablesetting without the expense of a tablecloth and the need for laundering the tablecloth after meals. The table runner is also a great way to introduce interest and the opportunity to add a sense of holiday spirit to your everyday dining experience.

Different Snowflake Designs

You may desire a snowflake pattern for your table runner that is composed of various snowflakes sizes and designs. If opting for this style, then select a solid-colored background so the snowflakes are the center motif of your table design. Another style is red-colored fabric with white embroidered snowflakes or white-colored fabric with gold or silver snowflakes.

Snowflakes and Other Motifs

There are several styles of snowflake table runners that introduce other motifs and design elements. For example, you may find a pattern that is predominately snowflakes but have one or two other motifs such as a reversible poinsettia and snowflakes table runner . You can find several snowman and snowflake patterns. Another stylized table runner created by Patch Magic features a quilt-type pattern of snowflakes and log cabins.

Disposable Table Runners

You may find a disposable table runner better suits your needs, especially if you are only using it for one or two meals. This type of runner has the appearance of linen, yet is completely disposable. This kind of table runner is an excellent choice for a large family holiday gathering, company party or church celebration. Disposable runners come in a 200-foot roll that can be cut to fit any size table. This is particularly desirable if you have varying table sizes to accommodate. My Paper Shop offers a red runner with dark red and pale red snowflakes on one side. The opposite site is a solid dark red. You can choose similar linen-look, disposable tablecloths in white, red, green, or burgundy in 100-foot rolls or specific tablecloth sizes priced in 48-piece cases.

Making Your Own

While you can find several table runners that feature snowflakes, you have a wider choice of patterns if you undertake making the runner yourself. In fact, with the money you save, you may decide to make more than one. There are a couple of ways you can make your table runner.

Table Runner Pattern

If you don't use a commercial pattern, you can create your own pattern by using craft paper. First, measure the length of your table and add six to twelve inches to allow for the drop (overhang). If you're using the table runner on top of a tablecloth, then you may prefer for the table runner to be the entire length of the tablecloth.

A typical table runner is between 11 inches to 13 inches wide. The length will vary according to the size of your table. Also, add a half inch to each side (total one inch) to allow for seams. You can finish the ends in a plain hem or cut the pattern to form a V-shape or even scallop the edges. You may want to add lace on the ends or all around the runner.

Adding Trim to Edges and Ends

If you opt for a lace or some other decorative edging, simply place it in the hemline at the time you're constructing or sewing the pattern. Make sure the lace is facing inside and not outside while you're sewing, gluing or ironing on hem tape. When you turn the fabric right side out, the lace will be neatly tucked between the two pieces of fabric.

No-Sew Construction

If you wish to make this a family fun project, then you can get your kids involved. Use either a craft glue or iron-on hem tape. If you are using iron-on hem tape, then place the right sides of each piece together and add the hem tape to the edges. Use sewing straight pins to keep the ends neatly aligned, and then use your iron with a setting of medium heat to melt the hem tape so the fabric sticks together.

Iron both lengths and one end. Allow the tape and fabric to thoroughly cool before attempting to turn the runner right side out. To close the open end, place hem tape along one edge and fold the other edge over on top of it. Pin and then proceed to iron as you did the other ends. If you don't wish to use iron-on hem tape, then use fabric glue instead. Whichever no-sew method you choose, your family is certain to enjoy creating a new family treasure.

Sew Construction

If you prefer to sew your table runner then you can find a basic pattern in most home décor sewing pattern lines. However, if you wish to wing it and create your own, then a few simple guidelines can assist you.

Add Unique Decorations

Get creative when finishing the edges of your runner by adding small Christmas bulblike beads, snowmen, or any other fetish or motif. You may prefer to use fringe or tassels instead of lace.

Make your table runner a keepsake by cutting out snowflake frames and fixing a photo of each family member to the table runner by gluing or creating a pocket that you can slip the photo inside, don't forget to include the family pets! You can buy clear acetate to use in the frame to protect your photos. Just remember to remove from the runner prior to laundering.

Reversible Use

You may decide to add a different pattern or solid color for the other side of your runner so all you have to do is turn it over once the holiday season is over. Whether you buy a snowflake table runner or choose to make your own, your family will appreciate this added table decoration at each meal.

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