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Among bedding and table décor aficionados, Rose Tree linens earn lofty praise despite fierce industry competition. If you're in the market for new bedding or a simple tablecloth, find out what Rose Tree has to offer.

All About Rose Tree Linens

Over the decades, Rose Tree products have found their way into many homes across the globe. The main reasons for this popularity are the exciting designs and product quality that go into each item Rose Tree creation. While vibrant hues and striking patterns will certainly capture the eye, it's the quality of manufacturing and unbridled comfort that keep consumers coming back for more.

History of Rose Tree

Lydia Rose founded Rose Tree in 1979 with a selection of elegantly tailored placemats. As a former fashion designer, Ms. Rose easily found a niche in the home décor industry by expanding her wares into an exclusive line of luxurious bed and table linens at an affordable price. Today, Rose Tree still offers high quality linens meticulously designed with bold colors and patterns that flow harmoniously into one another. Each item is crafted with exacting detail in a sumptuous array of fabrics that will elevate any room into the realm of high fashion.

Construction Techniques

Most materials used during the manufacturing process feature vivid patterns and designs printed on finely-woven cotton to insure the colors will last for as long as possible. Comforters offer the highest level of comfort with a plush bed of resin-treated poly batting under the protection-coated and printed cotton shell. Duvet and comforter sets typically use thirty expertly-quilted circles to keep the batting firmly in place and prevent the item from being misshapen or stretched.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Rose Tree is so certain its products will meet the functional and aesthetical needs of its customers that the company offers an enticing guarantee to sweeten the pot. If dissatisfied, Rose Tree offers a 100 percent money back guarantee on any full-price product purchased at MSRP (Manufactures' Suggested Retail Price) directly from the Rose Tree retail store or factory. This guarantee does not extend to retailers other than Rose Tree itself and does not cover clearance items, cut fabrics or trims. If a faulty item was purchased from an outside retailer, Rose Tree advises that you return the product to the place you purchased it for correction.

Popular Collections by Rose Tree

To learn more about the innovative design trends prevalent in Rose Tree linens, take a look at the details of some of their most popular bedding and linen sets in the following sections.

Table Linens

Currently, two collections of elegant table linens are available through Rose Tree stores and select retailers.

  • Royal Linen: Placemats and napkins come in approximately 30 color choices, while the tablecloths are available mostly in white and cream colors (please email the company for swatches of additional colors). These linens are an easy-care blend of polyester and rayon.
  • Fairlane Holiday: Rose Tree took the easy-care elements and vibrant colors of the Royal Collection and stepped it up a notch by adding contrasting surged thread along each item's edge. These linens are perfect for use during the holidays and for elegant entertaining any time of the year.

Bedding Linens

Explore some of the exciting bedding linen designs that Rose Tree offers and transform your bedroom into an elegant retreat.

  • Metropolitan Collection: One of Rose Tree's few plain designs, the Metropolitan brings a sense of quiet style to any bedroom with shades of cream and brown done up in textured fabrics. The collection offers bedding, pillow shams, throw pillows, and coordinating window treatments.
  • Rain Forest Collection: Glittering gold blooms and vivid green foliage arranged against a sleek brown background brings the freshness of a rain forest right into your bedroom. Choose from tropical bedding elements like comforter, throw pillows, pillow shams, and window treatments or treat yourself by purchasing the entire bedding and drapery ensemble.
  • Symphony Collection: In contrast to Rose Tree's feminine floras and audacious nature prints, Symphony is a refined vision created in black and white. Daring paisley-esque shapes and bold stripes in black, resting comfortably against a simple white background bring high fashion to the boudoir. The collection includes comforter, pillows and window treatments.

Large Selection of Linens

If you'd like to browse Rose Tree linens in depth, visit the company's official website. In addition to their latest collections, you'll find exquisite clearance items and discount comforter sets at half-priced savings.

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