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Buying linens for less doesn't have to mean sacrificing quality. You can find attractive, durable linens that are less expensive if you're willing to invest more of your time to find them.

Shop and Compare

Any savvy shopper will tell you that if you want to get the best prices, you need to shop around to compare prices.

There are certain discount websites that are known for having low, competitive prices, such as Overstock and Linens 4 Less. Check these sites regularly and then compare the linen prices by the brands and styles they have in common. Keep in mind, however, that just because a bedding store has the words "for less" in their name, doesn't mean that the prices will actually be lower.

Keep in mind retailers change prices frequently, sometimes even daily. The prices posted one day might be different on the next day. Even if you find a great deal on one website, keep checking other sites regularly. Shopping comparison sites can be helpful when you are looking for a certain type of bedding or linens, as you can compare prices across several stores.

Linen Bargains and Special Pricing

If you're shopping for table linens for a special event, such as a wedding, you can save a lot of money by taking the time to compare prices and paying attention to special pricing. For example, if you simply shop for a 70-inch round, ivory. polyester tablecloth you will find that most of the prices are similar from one website to another. However, if you change your keywords to shop for bulk pricing or wedding linens, then you can find sites that cater to bulk purchases and end up saving a lot of money. The following websites are a good starting point for table linen comparison shopping for:

Best Time of Year for Sales

According to Free Shipping, the best time of the year to buy linens is in January. The tradition of The White Sale is a marketing idea started in 1878 by department store owner John Wannamaker. Even to this day, many retailers still carry out this idea of the New Year's sales in bedding and linens.

Finding Bargains with Alternative Materials

Sometimes, you can find linens for less by looking for less expensive materials that are similar to the more expensive ones. A good example would be down bedding. Down is the soft, fine insulating feathers found underneath the outer feathers of ducks and geese. There are different grade levels for down and the most expensive down comes from mature geese. This premium down can get quite costly when used in bedding. For instance, the difference in price between two king sized down and down alternative comforters can be huge. Luxury bedding filled with premium European goose down and covered by a removable silk cover could easily cost over a thousand dollars for a king size. The price could be much higher because of not only the premium down but also the silk covering since silk bedding is also a very expensive fabric. If you have your heart set on a certain type or style of linens, wait for a White Sale or check for the products at a discount store to save money.

In contrast, a comforter that is filled with a microfiber down alternative material, covered by a 300-thread count cotton casing can be purchased for under 300 dollars or much less at a discount bedding store or website. A good alternative to silk would be satin. Satin has the same light reflecting qualities as silk and also has a similar smooth texture and is significantly cheaper than silk. A microfiber synthetic material can have many of the same properties and advantages of real down; however it will be more affordable and typically easier to clean and care for.

The same idea applies to other types of linens - if you consider alternative materials, you may eild huge savings on items like towels, sheets, beddings, and curtains.

Affordable Eco-Friendly Linens

If you want to buy Eco-Friendly linens that are made from sustainable and renewable resources at an affordable price, there are a few of good choices. You can buy bath towels and sheets made from bamboo fiber or organic cotton.

Both of these materials are good choices for green household linens. Pure Fiber International is an eco-friendly wholesale manufacturer of sustainable bath linens and make both bamboo bath towels and organic cotton bath towels. A comparison of the two types of linens from a few other online retailers shows that organic cotton is slightly less expensive than bamboo fiber. You can find organic cotton towels online at:

You can find bamboo fiber bath towels at these online retailers:

More Tips for Finding Linens for Less

  • Codes and coupons: Look for online discount codes and coupons for department stores and bedding retailers. Sites such as Current Codes list all current discounts and promotions from a large database of retailers. Many stores also offer early bird or customer appreciation sales as well.
  • Mail alerts: Sign up for email or snail mail alerts from your favorite linens stores. Many shops send repeat customers or those on their mailing list coupons and special offers. Bed, Bath and Beyond, for example, regularly sends customers on their mailing list coupons for 20 percent off.
  • Rewards programs: Many department stores offer rewards programs, where you can earn coupons or store 'cash' that you cna use on a repeat purchase once you've spent a certain amount. Using these programs in conjuction with a White Sale can yield great savings.
  • Discontinued linens: Consider purchasing discontinued patterns on curtains, bedding, sheets, and table linens. You may save a substantial amount of money in purchasing a style that is from last year or is no longer being made
  • Closeout stores: Shop closeout brick and mortar stores such as Big Lots, Marshall's, and T.J Maxx. Although these types of discount stores carry much more than just linens, you can often find name brands on sheets, curtains, towels, and bedding at a huge savings.
  • Make sure it's really a bargain. Consider how often you'll need to replace the bedding you are considering in order to determine if the cheaper price is your best bet. A high thread count sheet set, for example, will wear well and offer incredible softness after numerous washings. A very cheap set of sheets with a low thread count, on the other hand, may pill and feel scratchy and rough after only a few washes and you'll need to replce it.

The secret to finding linens for less is to spend more time shopping and be diligent when comparing prices. The amount of time you spend researching and comparing your purchases can really pay off in finding great household linens at less expensive prices.

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