Grommet Drapes

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Grommet drapes can give the windows in your home a designer look and they are very easy to install and use.

Appealing Design

If you have decorative curtain rods that you want to display, the design of grommet drapes reveals much of the rod. The drapes spread out easily and evenly across the length of the curtain rod aiding the weight of the drapes to form rounded pleats from top to bottom.

Another advantage of grommet drape design is the ease of opening and closing them. Gently push the drapes away from the center of the window to open them. When you're ready to close them, simply pull the drapes back towards the center of the window. Since there are no moving parts or hardware, the draperies can't get stuck on a rod track or suffer from some mechanism breaking.

Energy Efficient

You can control the amount of light and sound that pass through your windows or sliding glass doors by adding an insulated liner on the backside of your grommet drapes. A liner makes your drapes more energy efficient and saves you money on monthly utility bills.

Grommet-top insulated curtains have two types of linings built-in for extra insulation. One style uses an interfaced lining made of cotton flannel with a white backing of 100 percent polyester. Together, the lining and drapes act like a blanket for your window by forming a pocket of air between them to keep cold winter drafts and hot summer sun out of your home.


As with any window treatment, accurate measurements are important so your grommet drapes are long enough and wide enough for the windows or doors they cover.

The first thing you want to do is install the curtain rod. Make sure you choose a curtain rod that is three to four inches wider than the window. Install the curtain rod at least four inches above the window frame.

Next, measure from the top of the curtain rod all the way down to the floor or just below the window frame, depending where you want the drapes to fall. If you're sewing your own drapes, then add one and a half inches to this measurement to allow for the hem. This will be the length measurement for your grommet drapes.

For the drapery width, measure the curtain rod from end to end and then add four inches to this measurement. This allows the drapes to overlap in the center when closed.

Once you have your measurements, you have the option of buying ready-made grommet drapes or you can make your own. Look for online instructions for making grommet drapes. You can also use grommet tape if you decide to make your own drapes.

Grommet Tape

Grommet tape makes it easier than ever to add grommets to curtain panels. The tape is added to the top of the drapery panel and has the grommet rings pre-spaced, so no measuring is required. The tape also helps stiffen the top of the drape to avoid sagging.

You get to choose the style and color of snap on rings for the grommet holes. The tape comes with aluminum back rings built in. First, you sew the grommet tape onto the top back of the drapery panel. Next, cut out the fabric within the aluminum back rings with scissors or an optional grommet cutting tool set. Snap on the front rings, which are usually made of plastic, with metal finishes. The durable plastic material will not scratch the finish of your decorative drapery rods or rust when the drapes are washed.

Grommet tape not only works for drapery panels, but you can also use it on shower curtains.

Where to Find Grommet Drapes

Draperies that have a grommet top are easy to find and come in a variety of styles and colors. Choose from drapes that have a lining for extra blockage of light, outside temperatures and sound. You may prefer unlined drapes, or sheer drapes that are semi-transparent and allow natural light to filter into your room, while also providing privacy. Browse through style options at the following retailers:

Grommet drapes have a very simple design; however, they provide a very sophisticated and classy look.

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