Fitted Vinyl Tablecloths

fitted gingham vinyl tablecloth

Fitted tablecloths are functional and vinyl materials make them easy-care table linens that work well for everyday use. These tablecloths are available in numerous shapes and patterns. The elasticized hemline provides a snug and secure fit with a wrinkle-free appearance that's perfect for any table setting.

Where to Buy

Most tables and tablecloths are standard size. Before you purchase a fitted tablecloth, measure your tabletop and check your measurements against those on the tablecloth packaging or website description to ensure a snug fit.

Elasticized Table Cover at Blair
Elasticized Table Cover at Blair
  • Amazon: Many styles such as mosaic, holiday, floral, solid, pattern, textured, sculptured and marble are available. You can also find a wide range of sizes to fit round, square, and rectangle tables. Price range from $7 to $35.
  • Miles Kimball: Flannel-backed or fleece-backed tablecloth styles are available in wood grain, textured, lattice, plaid, marble and other patterns. Various sizes available include, square, round, oblong, rectangle and custom fit are available for banquet-style tables. Expect to spend about $13 to $17.
  • Napkins: This wholesaler offers 12-count and 25-count packages of fitted plastic round and rectangle tablecloths. Styles available include, solid red, blue, and white as well as red gingham and black and white check patterns. Costs range from $24 to about $123, depending on the size, style, and count.
  • WebstaurantStore: If you're looking for disposal fitted plastic tablecloth in a red gingham pattern, this is a great offer. Available in 29" x 72", 30" x 90" or 60" round sizes. Individual options are less than $5 and 12-count cases are available for $27to $37.
  • Harriet Carter: There are several styles offered, such as solid colors, marble, wood texture, blue gingham and mosaic. Tablecloths fit round or square 36" to 48" tables. You'll find a lot of options around $15.
  • Bed Bath and Beyond: This store carries several styles of higher end fitted table cloths with colors such as apple, copper, fire orange, ice blue, pink and moss. Tablecloths are available in six foot and eight foot sizes. Pricing runs around $161 to $170.

Outdoor Dining

Fern Bistro
Fern Bistro tablecloth at Happy Accents

A vinyl fitted tablecloth can alleviate the hassle of using tablecloths for outdoor dining, especially on windy days.

Dealing With Outdoor Elements

The vinyl coating on your fitted tablecloth further protects your table and your meal from accidental spills and resists most food stains. A typical vinyl tablecloth is durable enough to withstand the summer elements if you wish to leave it on the table throughout the summer.

Traditional Gingham Picnic Tablecloths

You can find a traditional red gingham tablecloth ideal for a standard picnic table for a neat fitted look. Some companies also offer matching fitted bench covers to complete a classic summer look.

Indoor Uses

Carol Wright Gifts Holiday Fitted Tablecloth
Carol Wright Gifts Holiday Fitted Tablecloth

There are several reasons why you might opt for a fitted tablecloth for an interior dining table.

  • A tablecloth can add years of life to the finish of your table by protecting from dents, nicks, stains, spills and general wear.
  • If you have a breakfast nook with a table used for the majority of meals, then a fitted tablecloth is a great way to protect your table.
  • A tablecloth can add color to the room.
  • A spilled glass of grape juice won't stain your tablecloth.
  • Jelly-coated little fingers won't leave hardened dried streaks on a table when protected with a kid-friendly tablecloth.
  • A vinyl tablecloth only requires a wet cloth for clean-up.

Cover a Damaged Table

If you have a table that is damaged from wear and tear, but is still sturdy and useable, you can give it a fresh new look with a fitted tablecloth.

  • You change from the look of a wood or glass table top to marble with one of the popular faux marble tablecloth designs.
  • Change your dining style with a mosaic wood grain, floral, or plaid patterned tablecloth.
  • Buy several fitted tablecloths for an inexpensive way to change the look of your kitchen nook or dining room.
  • Consider a different tablecloth for each of the four seasons, or buy a few for various holiday décor change-outs.

Fitted Tablecloths Offer Great Solutions

There are many reasons to go with a fitted tablecloth, such as ease of clean-up, introducing color or pattern, revamping damaged table or an outdoor solution to windy dining. You can find many designs for most table sizes to give your table a fresh new look.

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