Western Bedding

Western bedding

There is a large variety of Western bedding available today that can help you accessorize your cabin, log home, southwestern or ranch style home. Western bedding encompasses a variety of themes, including everything from wildlife to Native American art to rodeo events.

Shopping for Western Bedding

When it comes to Western-style bedding, you probably won't find exactly what you're looking for in everyday department stores such as Wal-Mart or JCPenney. You will find a much better selection of this type of bedding in specialty stores that focus on Western-themed décor.

Lone Star Western décor: This company is owned and operated by Black Forest décor, LLC, a mail order catalog and Internet retailer specializing in rustic décor for cabins and lodges. Lone Star offers over 100 different Western themed bedding collections with influences such as Native American, cowboy, horses, Southwestern and ranch. With such a large variety, you can match almost any color scheme you might have or want for your bedroom. You also get free shipping on orders over $99.

wildlife theme bedding

Rods.com: At Rods, you can find Western bedding with strong influences from the cowboy and rodeo lifestyle. In their Cowhide bedding collection, you can choose different designs, such as the Chocolate Barbwire Comforter set, the San Angelo set and the Red Rodeo set. Many of the comforters have a faux suede appearance, perfect for your ranch-style home. You can also find bedding sets with an old-fashioned, patchwork quilt design and southwestern style designs.

Cabelas: Here you will find a large selection of rustic lodge and cabin style bedding with wildlife, wilderness and outdoor sportsman type patterns such as hunting and fishing. Camouflage and animal print patterns are also available. Sets are reasonably priced and include a comforter with accessories such as bed skirts, shams and throw pillows. Not all sets include the same accessories so be sure to read the description carefully.

cowboy themed bedding

Western Passion: This store has some very unique Western-style bedding collections. One of the most notable is the Moon Rein Western Bedding set in warm, dusty sunset tones. Western Passion also has a custom designed bedding collections from Trading Spaces designer Christi Proctor, who designed the Mary Hayden classic old West style bedding collection exclusively for Western Passion.

Styles, Colors and Textures

If Western bedding gives you the mental image of a little boy's comforter showing a cartoon cowboy waving a lasso atop his cartoon horse, you will be pleasantly surprised when you browse the multitude of designs available today.

While Western-inspired styles still may be appropriate for kids' bedding, adult patterns have much to offer as well.

  • Some designs capture the colors of nature, such as the deep rich greens and browns found in evergreen forests and the striking blue hues of mountain lakes and skies.
  • Native American influences provide eye-catching geometric patterns.
  • New microfiber fabrics provide simulated looks and textures of materials, such as rawhide, suede and leather.
  • Luxury fabrics, such as velvet and chenilles, can help you incorporate Western theme bedding and accessories into a formal style interior.
  • Embellishments such as fringe and embroidered appliques help add a finished, custom appearance.
geometric designs on a Native American style blanket

Find Your Niche

Whether you are looking for rustic, lodge style bedding that depicts images of the great outdoors such as pine trees, lake trout, moose, deer, bear, elk and wolves, a colorful, Southwestern pattern that reflects Native American designs or the look of the ranching lifestyle, you can find a Western-inspired pattern and style that connects with you and compliments your home.

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