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Teen Bedding Tips from Wake Up Frankie

Michelle Radcliff
Frankie, founder of "Wake Up Frankie"

Every so often, you hear a story about a young person who has the foresight to fulfill a need in the marketplace. The idea may be sparked by that individual person's desire for something they want but cannot find, or it could even be an epiphany, when one realizes that their creative idea might just be worth manifesting into something real.

The story behind Wake Up Frankie is one such story. A young teenage girl's dream of how she would like to decorate her bedroom spawned the idea for a store that would carry amazing bedding and accessories for teen girls. Wake up, Frankie, you're not dreaming anymore!

About Wake Up Frankie

Love to Know (LTK): How would you describe your business and when did it start?

Frankie: Wake Up Frankie is an online site offering bedroom décor for teen females through early 20's. We design and manufacture our own brand - Wake Up Frankie. Our designs are exclusive and found only on Wake Up We cater to a wide variety of personalities, including ultra feminine "girly girl", urban chic, boho bold, rocker, retro hippie, perpetually preppy and girls who adore Paris.

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not bedding collection

Wake Up Frankie was started in 2001 by me, Frankie, then 14, and my mom, Pam. We both saw a need for bedroom décor exclusively devoted to teen girls. At the time, we were pioneers in this category and this accounts for our immediate success.

LTK: What are some of the inspirations behind your bedding designs?

Frankie: Our bedding designs are definitely inspired by hip and cutting edge fashion, current trends, music, musicians and pop culture. I love to use bold patterns, intense colors, lots of dressmaker details and of course, my signature combination of pink and black!

Tips on Choosing Teen Bedding and Accessories

LTK: Do you have any good tips on what to look for when choosing a bedding style?

Frankie: When choosing a bedding style, most girls want to select a look that reflects her personality. The choice may also reflect the way she dresses. It's likely the "girly girl" will choose pink or turquoise damask and have a crystal hanging chandelier , while the "rocker girl" will go for our all black airbrushed guitar bedding and line the walls with tons of music posters.

Our bedding collections are designed to mix and match many of the top of the bed selections as well as the accessories. Mixing and matching will give the room a custom look and feel.


LTK: What advice can you offer on bedding accessories? Do you have any other decorating tips?

Frankie: Accessories are great complements to the bedding. Try to keep it organized, furniture placement balanced, and try to carry the look through to every detail. For instance, you might not be able to afford new furniture or new lamps - but a can of spray paint can do wonders to coordinate it to the new makeover. Some of the best rooms are created on a budget, and a can of spray paint and a glue are your best tools!

We have a link on our site for decorating tips. It offers great ideas and sources.

Buying Bedding as a Gift

LTK: Shopping for teens can be tricky. Do you have any tips on buying bedding as a gift?

Frankie: Buying bedding as a gift is a great idea. We have noticed that many moms, dads, aunts and grandparents purchase for their teens, and for the most part it seems like the teen has already pre-selected their choice. If you're are not sure which pattern to select, we offer Gift Certificates, which are always the safe way to go!

Popular Designs and Specials

LTK: What are some of your best-selling bedding collections? Do you have any new designs you would like to talk about?

He Baroque My Heart (Flocked Damask) - Ivory

Frankie: Wake Up Frankie offers over 100 exclusive and unique bedding collections. Our top selling patterns are anything damask, anything pink and black, Parisian themed and our personalized airbrushed bedding.

LTK: Do you have any coupons or specials?

Frankie: Wake Up Frankie almost always offers some kind of special deal - free shipping, two for one, or a percentage off. Customers and visitors can sign up for emails where they will be alerted to the current promotion, giveaways, contests or newest items.

LTK: Do you have a catalog and how do shoppers get one?

Frankie: We do have a catalog sign-up on Wake Up Frankie's home page. Our next mailing should be in late fall, focusing on Holiday shopping. In the meantime, we encourage our shoppers to get the most current and complete selection on Wake Up!

Styles for Guys

At Wake Up Frankie, teens can find amazing bedding styles that can't be found anywhere else. While the majority of the bedding styles are aimed at girls, you can also find awesome designs for guys such as the Black Light Special, Party Like a Rock Star and Have Urban Taggin' UR Name? (Personalized).

Create Your Own Style

Wake Up Frankie understands how much most teens like to create their own individual style. Unlike many stores that sell bedding collections as a bed-in-a-bag, with sheets, bed skirts, shams and throw pillows all included, everything in these collections can be purchased individually. You can create your own, totally unique look in your room and call it whaterver you want. Shopping at Wake Up Frankie allows you to explore a wide variety of custom decorating options for your bedroom.

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Teen Bedding Tips from Wake Up Frankie