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Nautica bedding collections offer higher-end luxury bedding in simple styles and classic patterns. This brand of bedding is ideal for a man's bedroom or for a couple looking for a crisp and clean design. Nautica designers create everything you need for your bedroom, guest room or baby room.

About the Brand

Nautica started in 1983 as a men's outerwear clothing line. The initial concept was to design clothing by using basic prints and darker colors, similar to Navy uniforms and nautical gear. Shortly after launching their product line, the company expanded into clothing for men, women and children, watches, and fragrances. From there they developed the Nautica bedding line, which follows the same classic styles as their clothing lines with bold, dark colors and simplistic patterns.

Types of Bedding Offered by Nautica

Nautica bedding covers all of the linen you need for your bedroom. The line has comforter sets that include the comforter, two shams, sheet sets, individual sheets, and pillow cases as well as decorative pillows, duvets, bed skirts, and quilts. All of the bedding comes in standard twin, full, queen, and king sizes.

Nautica also offers an infant bedding line for boys and girls and a children's bedding line designed for girls. The infant line includes crib sheet sets and matching room décor accessories. The children's line offers bedding for twin and full beds.

Nautica Bedding Collections

Like most higher-end designers, Nautica bedding comes in collections. These collections all use one focal design and coordinating colors for comforter sets, sheets and decorative pillows. The Nautica line consists of a wide selection of solid colors mixed with stripes or minimalistic patterns that all have a modernized nautical feel. For example, the Ocean Ridge Collection is a mix of navy, steel grey and white blended into a large plaid print. The Georgetown Collection blends tan and dark brown color blocks for comforters with dark orange decorative pillows for accent.

Typically, when purchasing a collection, you have the option of buying the comforter set, sheet set and coordinating decorative pillows. A few collections also come with matching bed skirts.

The infant bedding collections use the dark blue and greens Nautica is famous for on more whimsical patterns. The Blake Crib set has a brown and blue stripped sheet set with optional room décor accessories such as matching curtains and a whale shaped lamp.

The children's bedding for girls comes in the plaid, stripes and solids made standard by Nautica, but uses softer colors such as pink and yellow.

Where to Buy

You can find the current Nautica bedding collections for adults, children and infants on the Nautica retail website. Nautica offers a 90 day return policy on any bedding purchased from their website. Other online retailers such as Amazon also carry Nautica bedding collections.

Many major department stores such as Kohl's, JC Penney, Bed, Bath and Beyond and Macy's offer the bedding line if you prefer to shop for your bedspreads, comforters and duvets in person. You can find the infant bedding at Toys 'R' Us.

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