Giraffe Blankets

giraffe design for a baby blanket

Add an exotic and colorful splash to any room with giraffe blankets. These fun, colorful blankets are appropriate for people of all ages.

For a Child's Room

You can find giraffes blankets in many different styles. These blankets are very popular for babies and young children. Most children love animals, from pets to exotic jungle creatures.

You can find giraffe blankets for babies with cute, cartoon-like baby giraffe designs. Some baby blankets even have a little giraffe head poking out from the top edge of the blanket, like the Noah's Friends Giraffe plush blanket. There are just so many styles of adorable giraffe blankets for kids. The hard part is choosing which one you like best.

Your child will probably fall in love with his blanket. When it is not being used by your little one, it will look great draped over a chair or across the foot of his bed.

For an Adult's Room

Giraffe blankets aren't just for children. Animal prints have become wildly popular for all types of home decor. Giraffe prints are now holding their own against zebra, tiger and leopard prints.

One of the reasons the giraffe has become such a popular pattern for many home decor items is the striking contrast of the dark, irregular shapes against a tan, gold or white background. Most giraffe prints come in some shade of brown and white. These are neutral colors that go with just about anything. Just because you don't see any green or purple giraffes walking around in Africa, doesn't mean you can't find a giraffe print in those fun, funky colors.

Giraffe Throw Blankets

It isn't hard to find throw blankets with authentic-looking giraffe prints. This type of blanket is great for adding a splash of color and interesting pattern against a solid-colored bedspread or comforter. A giraffe throw blanket also works well draped over a solid-colored couch, loveseat or chair.

In the Bedroom

Mixing different animal prints can be very effective if you're going for a bold, exotic look in your room. You just need to have the right balance of colors, textures and patterns. You should stick to the more natural looking animal prints when decorating with a mixture.

As Decor

You can hang the blanket on the wall to make an interesting tapestry when you find one that has a giraffe print or lifelike image of the animal. You could also use one to cover a less than attractive table or chair. Most giraffe blankets are made from fleece or a faux fur, microfiber material.

Where to Buy Giraffe Blankets

There are many retailers online that carry these blankets including:

One of the best sources for buying giraffe blankets is Vision Bedding. At Vision Bedding, you can browse through an entire gallery of giraffe images, both realistic and animated. You can then have the image of your choice made into a micro-suede fleece blanket. Choose to have the giraffe image encompass the entire area of the blanket or have the image made into a repeating pattern. You can even submit your own giraffe image to be made into a blanket. The top of the blanket is a micro-suede material and the underside of the blanket is a soft, fleece material.

You also get to choose the size of blanket that you want. Vision Bedding offers giraffe blankets in the following sizes:

  • Lap blanket: 30 x 40 inches
  • Throw blanket: 50 x 60 inches
  • Bed blanket: 60 x 80 inches

Great Addition to Any Home Decor

Regardless which style of giraffe blanket you prefer, these blankets go well with many different home decor styles. You can use these blankets in a room with an African theme, contemporary style or even a rustic theme. When it comes to children's rooms, giraffe blankets are appropriate for both boys and girls.

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