Christmas Bed Linens

Christmas fleece throw

It doesn't have to be the holiday season to shop for Christmas bed linens. However, shopping for Christmas décor at other times of the year could possibly put you in the holiday mood.

Make It Festive with Bedding

Christmas bedding can be fun and festive as well as classic and beautiful. You can use this type of bedding from mid-November all the way through the New Year. Certain patterns that depict a winter scene can be used for several more months beyond the Christmas season. If you take the care to store it properly, Christmas bedding can last for decades.


Nothing could be more traditional than a patchwork Christmas quilt. If you love all things old-fashioned, timeless and traditional, this is the type of holiday bedding for you. Christmas quilts will feature traditional Christmas colors and images of vintage holiday toys, Santas, ornaments and other traditional holiday scenes. If you are a crafty person and know how to make a quilt, you could start your own holiday tradition by adding a Christmas ornament appliqué to your own original holiday quilt every year.


Imagine curling up on a cold winter's night under a thick, cozy Christmas comforter. Christmas comforters have bright vivid holiday scenes that are sure to put you in a festive holiday mood. You can find cheerful holiday scenes such as beautiful Christmas poinsettias or Santa in his sleigh, flying over a sleepy snow-covered village.

Bedspreads and Throws

Christmas bedspreads are a little more difficult to find in the off-season; however, you can find plenty of Christmas throws. You can spread a Christmas throw over a red or dark green bedspread for a very festive holiday look.

There are more holiday patterns and designs on blankets and throws than any other type of bed linen. Traditional and vintage holiday scenes are the most prevalent type of design you will find in Christmas throws. You can use these decorative throws just about anywhere such as a bed, sofa, love seat, chair or you can even hang one on the wall for a decorative holiday tapestry.


When shopping for Christmas bed linens, don't forget to look for Christmas sheet sets. The most common type of holiday sheets you will find are flannel. Flannel sheets are very soft, warm and cozy; the perfect type of sheet to keep you warm on cold winter nights. Snowmen and snowflakes are common motifs you will find on these Christmas sheets.

Decorative Pillows

Don't forget to accessorize your holiday bedding with colorful, decorative throw pillows. You can find a great variety of Christmas pillows all year long. If you are a pet lover or happen to know one, you can buy pet holiday pillows with cute sayings that have a plastic covered window sewn into the pillow so you can slip in a picture of your favorite pet inside. These pillows are a great gift idea. No matter what style of Christmas décor you prefer, you should be able to find decorative holiday pillows to enhance and accessorize your Christmas bedding.

Where to Buy

Online shoppers can easily find holiday bed linens any time of year; however, the best selections will still be a month or two before Christmas. Some retailers order limited quantities of Christmas décor and bedding, so it's a good idea to shop for holiday linens early in the season. If you aren't sure when retailers are going to stock their holiday linens, don't be afraid to contact them and ask. Retailers will be happy to let you know when their seasonal items will be available for sale.

Holiday bedding and linens are available at the following online retailers:

Also, don't forget to check the after Christmas Sales for holiday bed linens. This is a great time to shop for holiday bedding if you want to save money. Some retailers have leftover quantities of Christmas décor and bedding that they want to get rid of quickly, so prices are reduced drastically.

Christmas bed linens help you to spread the holiday spirit throughout your entire home. You may decide to purchase a Christmas set for each bed in your home, especially the guest bedroom!

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