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candlewick bedspread

Anyone who appreciates antique or vintage style home décor will love the look of a candlewick bedspread. Even if the bedspread is not a genuine antique, the old fashioned appeal in its design can add a heartwarming touch to a vintage style bedroom. According to the antique auction marketplace Old and Sold, candlewick bedspreads originated well over 100 years ago in England and Scotland. The name evolved from the embroidery patterns which were constructed from the same coarse, white yarn used to make homemade candle wicks.

Where to Buy

You can buy new and vintage candlewick bedspreads online at the following places. The first two retailers listed offer new bedspreads that feature traditional candlewick designs. The last two stores are located on eBay and offer vintage or antique candlewick bedspreads.

  • A Touch of Class - This upscale home décor retailer offers two styles of traditional candlewick bedspreads, the John Adams design and the Spirit of America design. Each bedspread features cotton embroidering with a large medallion in the center surrounded by other intricate designs and fringe around the edges.
  • Judy Chenilles Linens Boutique - This seller runs an eBay store and offers vintage candlewick bedspreads made in the early 20th century, during the 1920's and 1930's. Some of her bedspreads are listed as museum quality, so if you are interested in purchasing an antique bedspread, this is a good place to start.
  • The Antique Linen Cupboard - This is another eBay store where you can often find vintage candlewick bedspreads from the United Kingdom. The seller ships worldwide - just remember to factor in the cost of shipping before you decide to bid on or buy one of these bedspreads.

Candlewick Patterns

One of the most common patterns in these bedspreads is a large central medallion surrounded by some other type of design, which is often geometric or floral. The American eagle was a common pattern seen in candlewick bedspreads during the colonial era in the U.S.

The oldest known patterns often depict the English and Scottish countryside, where this style of bedspread first originated. Some patterns are more free-flowing, with natural motifs such as flowers, vines, leaves, baskets, trees and birds. Patterns were sometimes handed down from mothers to daughters and given names that would aptly describe each motif. The edges of the bedspread are commonly finished with some type of decorative fringe.

The Embroidery Process

Before industrial machines were made that could produce this type of stitching, the embroidery on a candlewick bedspread involved painstaking hours of hand tuffting or knotting candlewick yarn on a muslin fabric. Colonial and French knots were used, as were stem, satin and straight stitches. The stitches are raised by using a small stick or similar tool to loop the yarn over while making each knot. The end result is an elegant, textured pattern that is either the same color as the base fabric or a slightly lighter color. Because of the time and talent it took to create the intricate patterns, candlewick bedspreads were often given as a wedding gift to the bride.

Other Resources for Antique Bedspreads

In addition to the eBay stores previously mentioned, other resources you can try to find antique candlewick bedspreads include Ruby Lane and Cynthia's Linen Closet. Pay careful attention to chenille style bedspreads with hand embroidery, as these types of bedspreads sometimes have the candlewick patterns, without being labeled as a candlewick bedspread. You may also find antique or vintage bedspreads at an estate sale.

Add a Touch of Elegance to Your Bedroom

It's easy to create an elegant look in your bedroom when you add a candlewick bedspread to the room's décor. You will need little else, if anything, on top of your bed because these classic bedspreads are true works of art.

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