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Whether you're decorating your beach home or you just want to bring a little bit of vacation to your own home during the summer months, there are plenty of beach comforter sets out there to choose from. It doesn't matter what color your walls or carpet are or even what type of furniture you have. There are so many different styles of beach bedding, there's something for everyone and every bedroom.

Beach Comforter Set Options

Along with shades of blue and green, you'll find muted earth tones, brights, white, and pastels in beach comforters. You may find army green palm trees set against a sandy beige backdrop nestled in the racks right next to the navy blue and white nautical theme. Some beach-inspired comforters are even brighter, with reds, yellows, greens, and blues thrown together - often against a white background so that they really stand out -- to celebrate the brightly colored strings of tiki lights and fruity concoctions of summer barbecues on the beach. There's no one set "beach" style - just a mix of styles that evoke feelings of carefree, balmy nights, the ocean, the sand, and the palm trees.

Designers to Consider

There are several designers with beach-inspired comforter sets under their names:

You can find beach comforter sets for any color palette. Choose from:

  • Palm trees
  • Pale neutrals paired with white to remind you of sand
  • Bright blue aquarium themes, complete with brightly colored fish
  • Anchors or boats, often done in white and navy, sometimes incorporating red or metallics
  • Bright, bold flowers
  • Lighthouses
  • Shells
  • Sea life, including starfish and coral
  • Flip-flops
  • Flamingos

In comforter sets that feature images like trees, flowers, fruits, or some other bold pattern, you'll often find stripes in complementary colors on the accent pillows and dust ruffle. That way the pattern won't overwhelm the eye, but it will stand out, thanks in part to the other, less flashy components of the set.

Where to Shop

Almost any department store or discount store, like Marshall's or TJ Maxx, that carries a selection of bedding is likely to have at least one style of beach bedding during the summer. However, there are some stores that have a more specialized selection. Consider shopping at:

  • Beach House Linens: As the name suggests, this is a very specialized site, and worth a browse when you're hoping to decorate a single room in your home or several bedrooms in your vacation house on the beach. Because of the wide variety of beach styles here, you'll see things you might not find anywhere else, like a bright pink set decorated with flip-flops, shells of several types on a pale blue comforter with scalloped edges, or even a black comforter with colorful fish and coral to contrast with white sheets that feature simple blue shells.
  • Bed Bath and Beyond isn't known for its beach-inspired bedding by any stretch, but it does offer a few unusual beachy styles. One of the standout sets is called Palm Beach. This is a bold, bright tropical print that isn't so over the top that it wouldn't work in several different bedroom environments. Colors include deep red, gold, green, and sky blue. Other styles include Hula Girl, Coral Beach, Island Paradise, Fiji, and Olive Kids Pirates, for a range from quite neutral to shockingly bright.
  • Amazon: This site is worth a look because of the variety you can find there. You can find everything from a Palm Tree comforter set to a Sunset Beach set which features sea turtles, palm trees, surf boards and more.

Celebrate Summer

Take the breeze, ocean spray, and endless sunshine inside by decorating your beach house or bedroom with light and bright tones that celebrate all the things summer has to offer-palm trees, flip-flops, bright tropical flowers, and white-capped ocean waves. If you want to take things even further, you can even shop for matching curtains and rugs to tie the whole theme together. Give your space a carefree feel and feel your stress melt away.

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