All Season Alternative Down Comforters

pet friendly down alternative comforter

All season alternative down comforters give you the comfort and warmth of real down without the higher cost and hassle of special cleaning you have with real down.

Microfiber Technology

Down alternative bedding is made with microfiber and has many advantages over real down. These comforters are usually made using a box-stitch design, so the microfiber is less likely to shift and bunch up, which is a common problem with down. Also, unlike down there are no small pin feathers to poke through the outer shell. You can easily care for a down alternative comforter because it is machine washable and no harsh chemicals are needed to clean it. A down comforter typically must be dry cleaned. The microfiber material that's stuffed inside the outer shell is hypoallergenic.

All Season Comforters

All season down alternative comforters are warm, plush and comfortable with the breathability, insulation and loftiness of real down. That makes this lightweight bedding good to use year round since it keeps you warm in cold weather and cool in warm weather. The outer shell is usually cotton, which is also a breathable material. The ability of air to pass through the material prevents your body from overheating and perspiring on a hot summer night.

This type of comforter also keeps you warm, as your body heat warms the air underneath it while you sleep. In severely cold weather, you might need an extra blanket to help trap that warm air and prevent it from escaping through the breathable material. The outer shell may tear easily after a few washes, but you can easily remedy this by using a duvet cover to protect your comforter.

Thread Count

Like all bedding, a higher thread count is better for the shell of down alternative comforters. Thread count refers to the number of threads, both vertical and horizontal, in a one-inch square of fabric. A higher thread count results in a smoother and softer comforter. There are other factors that affect the softness and feel of the bedding such as the ply of the thread and the material of the thread itself.

A standard comforter has a thread count of about 240; however, many can be found with higher thread counts such as 300 and up to 500. While a thread count of 500 may matter greatly with real down comforters since the tighter weave can prevent the fine feathers from escaping, a standard thread count of 240 to 300 should be more than sufficient for a down alternative comforter.

Styles, Sizes and Colors

White and off-white are the most abundant colors for this type of bedding. This may be due to the popularity of duvet covers, which are decorative casings for comforters. However, you can also find microfiber-filled comforters in a variety of colors and prints since they are more affordable than down comforters. Most of these comforters have a reversible contrasting color or print on the other side.

Another common element of down alternative comforters is the box-style stitching. This not only gives the bedding a nice texture, it also helps prevent the fill from gaping or clumping that can interfere with even heat distribution.

Alternative down comforters can be found in common sizes such as twin, queen and king. Unlike a bedspread, these comforters will only fall about one-half to three-quarters of the way down to the floor, so you need a bed skirt for complete bed to floor coverage. You can also save money by looking for comforter sets that include pillow shams.

Buying All Season Alternative Down Comforters

All season down alternative comforters are very popular because of their affordable cost and easy care. You should be able to find them in almost any store that sells bedding. Anytime of year is a good time to buy them, just watch for linen or bedding sales. Good online resources for these comforters include:

If you are extra sensitive or have allergies related to dust mites and pet dander, Allergy Luxe is a brand of bedding that makes a down alternative comforter that has an added anti-microbial barrier of protection against these irritants. This comforter is also stain resistant and a perfect choice for those who share their bed with pets. You can find Allergy Luxe bedding at Bed Bath and Beyond.

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