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colorful teen girl's comforter

Nothing is out of bounds when it comes to teen bedding. Bold colors, funky patterns and cool textures that allow young people to express their individual style are what most teens are looking for in a comforter.

Go Wild with Animal Prints

Animal prints are very popular patterns seen in teen bedding. The most common types of animal prints used in bedding patterns include:

  • Zebra
  • Leopard
  • Cheetah
  • Tiger
  • Giraffe
  • Cow
  • Pony

Animal print bedding can be done in natural colors or these patterns can be done in bright colors such as hot pink, purple, red, blue and green. Solid colored throws and decorative pillows make nice accents when paired with an animal print comforter. You can also mix different types of animal prints together to create exotic and interesting patterns. Animal prints can be used in either a girl's or a boy's room.

Teen Comforters for Girls

There are a plethora of choices for girls when it comes to teen comforters.


Another colorful, fun brand of bedding your teen daughter may enjoy is Society6. This brand of bedding is unique because each pattern is designed by an artist. So every single pattern is unique to the store and made with teen girls in mind. The patterns are edgy and fun, although there are some more traditional options thrown in.

Patterns such as Summer Mermaid, featuring a sea of scale shaped blues, purples and aquas quilted together, and Alpacas, featuring alpacas against a white background with red detailing. Your teen is bound to find something here that fits her wild side.

District 17

The District 17 site has an endless number of options that will allow a teen girl to express herself, no matter what her personality's like. Each piece has other matching decor for a decked out room. There's the:

Teen Comforters for Boys

Teen boys might be harder to shop for in some cases, however, not when it comes to comforters and bedding. Fortunately, there are many great comforter options for teen boys as well.

Popular Patterns for Boys

Popular comforter patterns for teen boys include:

  • Sports
  • Military
  • Music
  • Urban/Graffiti
  • Team logos

If your teen boy is into any kind of sport including football, basketball, baseball, skateboarding, surfing, hockey or soccer, you can easily find comforters that feature some type of sport pattern. Camo and military patterns are also popular.

District 17 Bedding for Teen Boys

There are a couple of styles for boys at District 17, like:

  • Guy-friendly geometric prints
  • Camo
  • Soccer, hockey, and baseball styles
  • Neutrals with understated patterns


If your teen is a huge fan of a specific sports team, Bedding.com is worth a look. Though there are all types of patterns for boys and girls, one thing that stands out is this site's collection of sports team-themed bedding. Choose from the New York Giants, New England Patriots, Pittsburgh Steelers, and more.

Urban Style

One popular for a teen boy's comforter is the urban style comforter that features airbrushed, graffiti style writing. The comforter can be personalized with his name. These urban comforters feature bright neon colors against a black background which glow under a blacklight.

Music and Sports

For teen boys who are into music, you can find comforters featuring guitars and keyboards that will help expressed his rock 'n roll lifestyle. You can find a good selection of this type of bedding at Amazon.

Teen boys who are sports fans will love the team logo comforters available at Sports Fan Bedding. Boys can find their favorite team's logos and colors from the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and college teams.

Custom Teen Comforters

Young people love to express their individuality. There's no better way to do this in the bedroom than with a custom-made comforter and matching wall décor.

Vision Bedding

Vision Bedding is the place to go to order a custom comforter. Your teen can design his or her comforter using a favorite photo or a personal design he or she sketched. Your teen can also choose a design from Vision Bedding's design gallery, with thousands of designs to choose from. No matter what your teenaged son or daughter is into, he or she will be able to find or create the perfect comforter.

You can finish accesorizing the bedroom with custom designed:

  • Rugs
  • Pillows
  • Curtains
  • Wall décor

PB Teen

You can also design your own bed at PB Teen, though these aren't as customizable as the ones at Vision Bedding. Start by choosing the gender and whether there are one or two beds in the room. See how everything looks together when you select patterns for quilts, shams, sheets, duvets, and even wall colors. You can share the creation or just purchase it right away. PB Teen also has a number of pre-designed combinations for guys and girls.

Don't Forget the Accessories

Once your teen has picked the perfect comforter, don't forget to add a few contrasting accessories such as decorative pillows, a throw and an area rug. Shaggy fur pillows, rugs and throws in bright colors are popular for teens. Accessories help add the finishing touch that can make the comforter really stand out.

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