Tropical Bedding

Tropical Bedroom

Tropical bedding can transform a plain bedroom into a lush romantic retreat. There are many styles and designs that go beyond oversized plant patterns and colors. Decide on your color scheme and then find the perfect bedding for a great makeover.

Color Palette and Pattern Advice

There are many colors available for creating a tropical bedroom design. The sky and ocean blues and lush greens of palm fronds and broad leafed rubber trees are what most people think of when looking for tropical bedding. These are always good choices, but you may want to venture into other island colors, such as exotic, brilliant flower colors along with adding stripes and other patterns to the design.

Ocean Blues With Stripes

You can design an exotic bedroom using tropical ocean blues for your main color. Select bedding prominently featuring aqua or deep sea blue. You may decide to go with a multi-blue striped comforter or bedspread. Choose two or three of the blues to layer the bedding such as:

  • tropical bedroom setting
    Dark blue sheets can be used to pick up the darker blue stripes of the comforter.
  • Blue patterned pillow cases, such as blue flowers or blue plaids will add contrast and depth to your bedding collection.
  • A lighter blue bed scarf or throw draped across the foot of the bed at an angle is a soft romantic touch.
  • Matching striped pillow shams are great to repeat the comforter/bedspread pattern.
  • Add a variety of throw pillows, such as different solid-colored blues, plaid and/or patterns. The key to making this type of contrast work is matching colors to the comforter/bedspread.
  • Bamboo roll-up shades make a great complementary window treatment.
  • Wicker furniture is a great way to show off brilliant floral bedding.

Lush Green Plants

Most people think lush oversized plants when turning to a tropical bedroom design. If this is your ideal, there are many ways to achieve this look with bedding choices. These include:

  • Beach-front Bedroom
    Bedding patterns that feature tropical green plants is a traditional choice for comforters, duvets, bedspreads, quilts and coverlets.
  • For a dramatic statement, choose a bedding pattern with that also features black and brown colors for creating a depth of design.
  • The choice of sheets and pillowcases offers great opportunities for changing the look of your bedding ensemble. Go with a beige sheet set to lighten up and contrast the comforter. Several colors of greens (light to dark) can provide a visually appealing layering effect.
  • Add various sizes of throw pillows in solid colors as well as stripes and plaids to provide contrast.
  • A solid colored bed skirt that matches a prominent green value in the comforter/bedspread is a great finishing touch. You may prefer a green, black and brown striped bed skirt for a different contrasting look.
  • Introduce an accent color, such as the green complementary color red. Be sure to repeat this color throughout the room to bring the design deeper into the room.
  • Add plantation shutters that were designed to take advantage of Trade Winds. You can use plain white or paint an accent color that ties into the rest of your decor.
  • Lampakanai furniture with any tropical plant bedding is a great match while a seagrass bed design provides a blending where ocean blues and sand with palm trees meet.

Island Flower Colors and Designs

When it comes to a tropical paradise, a rainbow of colorful flowers dot the landscape. You can use several of these colors or choose to focus on one. There are so many choices when it comes to tropical flower colors. Many varieties can be found in several colors such as:

  • Island Bedroom
    Orange: Lillies and birds of paradise are easily recognized tropical flowers.
  • Red: Amaryllis, anthurium, hibiscus or lehua blossoms are often used for floral prints.
  • Yellow: Puailima (ilima), double hibiscus or Bromelaids are just a few yellow tropical flowers.
  • Variegated colors: Plumeria, Tropicanna® canna, and birds of paradise make excellent colorful bedding prints.

These and other distinctive flowers are often featured on tropical bedding designs since they lend themselves to large splashes of color along with their unique exotic shapes and sizes.

  • Choose your favorite tropical flower and match with your ideal bedding ensemble.
  • Add matching shams and solid colored throw pillows.
  • This bedding style is ideal for a bed scarf or throw. Choose a bright color accent or go for a casual appeal with a beach towel striped throw.
  • Rugs made of sisal, seagrass and bamboo can add texture to your design.
  • Large potted tropical plants always make an impression.
  • Add breezy sheers for a great window treatment. Go with several colored panels or opt for simple elegant white sheers.
  • The look of rattan furniture is always a hit for a tropical paradise bedroom and would look lovely with this bedding.

Shopping for That Tropical Look

Once you know the colors needed to complete your vision for a tropical themed bedroom, it's time to go shopping.

Blue Bedding

The relaxing colors of the ocean, from aqua to deep sea blue can create a truly restive bedroom design.

  • Blue Tropical Quilt Ensemble
    Blue Tropical Quilt Ensemble
    Houzz: C & F Enterprises presents a 10-piece 100% cotton bedding ensemble that includes a quilt, standard and Euro shams, dust ruffle, and decorative pillows. The tan and white geometric background highlights the various blue shell collection and medium blue plant life. The dust ruffle repeats the geometric pattern in a smaller print in blue on a white background. The pillows feature the same seashells on the comforter while the Euro shams repeat the same fabric used in the dust ruffle. Available in twin, full/queen and king sizes for around $415 to $560 plus $12 shipping. This is a great choice for a master or guest bedroom. It offers a sophisticated approach to a tropical bedroom design, but kids and teens may not appreciate it.
  • DiaNoche: This multi-blue photographic art design is printed onto the fabric prior to being sewn. The ensemble includes one duvet and two matching standard size pillow shams. The set is available in an ultra-soft microfiber or brushed twill fabric. Both are available in twin/twin XL, full/queen and King sizes. The microfiber set price is around $159 to $239 while the brushed twill price range is around $179 to $269 plus $15 shipping. This unique bedding can be matched to various products DiaNoche sells that include illuminated wall art, canvas wall art as well as other bedding, such as blankets, sheets and pillows. This design will appeal to art lovers, teens and modern design lovers; it would be out of place in a vintage home.

Tropical Plants

The depiction of tropical plants is a well-known bedding style.

  • Tommy Bahama Quilt Set
    Tommy Bahama Quilt Set
    Amazon: This Tommy Bahama Aregada Dock Sky Quilt includes two matching pillow shams (one sham for twin size). Made from 100% cotton, the quilt is reversible so you can use the solid green side for a different look. The filler is 80% cotton and 20% polyester. Paint the bedroom walls a pale blue or soft green for a restive design. It's around $114 with free shipping for Prime members. This classic tropical look instantly transports you to a breezy tropical respite. This design can be dressed up or used in an informal bedroom design. The quilt is light-weight (so keep that in mind in cooler climates) and ideal for a tropical bedroom.
  • Stein Mart: This 5-piece Hummingbird comforter set gives a colorful light touch to a bedroom design. Designed by Nina Campbell for Stein Mart, the tropical floral print features dark green and teal palm fronds. The set includes the comforter, two matching shams and two white Euro shams with a lattice style border design. Add throw pillows in a matching hummingbird floral print with fringe and a palm print. Offered in full/queen and king sizes. You'll pay around $100 - $30 with free shipping. This bedding design is elegant and can be used for a master, guest or teen girl's bedroom; however, the white may not work well with younger kids who can be messy. The bedding creates a light and airy look.

Flower Colors

You can go with a traditional floral print, contemporary style or a customized/stylized design to create a tropical design.

  • Plumeria Flower Hawaiian Style Quilt
    Plumeria Flower Hawaiian Style Quilt
    Divine Planet quilt: This king size quilt (96" x 110") comes with two quilted pillow shams (16"x16") and one cushion cover (18"x18"). The pattern features hand-painted, bright pink plumeria flowers and green leaves that are set against a dramatic black background. Each ensemble is unique and handmade. If you want a dramatic bedding choice, this one is especially ideal. The only con for this bedding the sizing can differ up to 2" more or 2" due to being handmade. Free shipping for orders of $50 or more. No-questions-asked return policy, and it costs around $299. Use with any contemporary room design. If you have a modern bedroom design, this bedding will complete the look with a bold flair, so if you like subtlety, it's not for you.
  • Enjoy Bedding: For any abstract art lover, this Vermilion Blue and White Watercolor ensemble features the winning complementary colors of orange and blue. In the true watercolor style, the abstract flowers decorate a deep hue of russet that fades into pale burnt orange background. Splashes of flowers in blue, golden yellow, white and russets give this a set a cheerful and dreamy addition to any room. 100% cotton, the set includes one duvet cover, one matching fitted sheet and two pillowcases (one pillowcase for twin size). Available in sizes twin, full and queen for around $136 to $170 plus free shipping. If you're looking for the ideal tropical bedding for a teenage girl or a master bedroom needing a touch of Asian design inspiration; it may not fit into Victorian homes well.

Creating a Tropical Bedroom Paradise

The success of any tropical bedroom design depends on putting all the components together. Start with the color(s) you want to use then find inspiration in the right bedding choice.

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