Sheet Sizes for Standard Bedding

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Finding sheets for standard mattresses is easy. All you need to know is the actual mattress type and size to select perfectly sized sheets for a snug fit. Of course, if you have a specialty mattress, you'll need to know some specific details about your mattress when selecting sheets.

Sheet Size Chart

A standard sheet size chart is a simple and easy tool to ensure you select the right size for your mattress. The standard mattress size is listed along with both the fitted and flat sheet sizes.

Sheet Sizes for Standard Bedding
Mattress Size Fitted Sheet Flat Sheet
Twin (39" x 75") 39" x 75" 68" x 96"
Twin XL (39 "x 80") 39 "x 80") 66" x 102"
Full/Double (54 "x 75") 54" x 75" 81" x 96"
Queen (60" x 80") 60" x 80" 90"x 102"
King (76" x 80") 76" x 80" 108" x 102"
California King (72"x 84") 72"x 84" 108" x 102"

Special Sheet Sizes for Pillow Top Mattresses

If you purchase a pillow-top mattress, you'll quickly realize the extra padding means your mattress depth is more than traditional fitted sheet depth. The thickness of the padding can vary from one mattress manufacturer to another and from different mattress designs.

Deep Pocket vs. Extra-Deep Pocket

The range of mattress depths is from seven inches to 22 inches. Deep pocket depths are divided into two groups.

  • 15" is considered a deep pocket sheet.
  • 16" to 22" is the range for extra-deep pocket sheets.

A double-sided pillow-top, meaning a mattress that features a pillow top on each side, so the mattress can be turned over regularly, can add depth. This type typically requires extra-deep pocket sheets.

Tip: Be sure to read the sheet description/label so you know exactly how deep the pockets are.

How to Measure Mattress Depth

Before you start shopping for sheets for your pillow-top mattress, make sure you know its depth. Elite Rest suggests using cardboard to measure the mattress depth.

  1. Set a piece of card board between the top and bottom mattresses (box springs), allowing it to protrude beyond the mattress.
  2. Take another piece of cardboard and set this one on the top mattress, allowing it to overhang evenly with the bottom cardboard.
  3. Measure the distance between the two pieces of cardboard to get the sheet pocket depth you need to buy.

Sheet Considerations for Adjustable Beds

You can find sheets for adjustable beds fairly easily, though you may want to invest in drawstring sheets or sheet grippers to help ensure a snug fit.

Drawstring Sheets

A drawstring sheet is a great way to ensure a snug bottom sheet fit. Most drawstring sheets are available for mattresses with a pocket depth under 12 inches. These sheets can be beneficial for any type of bed, but are particularly ideal for adjustable beds due to the fact that their motion can make it particularly difficult to keep sheets in place.

Sheet Grippers, Straps and Suspenders

Sheet grippers, also known as suspenders or straps, are often used to prevent fitted sheets from slipping off the mattress corners. These are available in a wide variety of designs.

  • Most sheet grippers clip underneath each sheet corner and are tightened with a cord and mechanism to lock them into position.
  • Another sheet gripper design consists of three fasteners, one for the sheet corner and one for each side of the corner. These are also adjustable to ensure a snug fit.
  • Suspenders clip onto the opposite sides of the fitted sheet corners and can be adjusted. They work similar to suspenders a person would wear.

Other Special Circumstances

There are instances when special mattresses will also require special sheets, such as Tempur-Pedic brand beds or a custom-sized mattress. Manufacturers of specialized mattresses typically offer their own brand of sheets and other bedding to fit their specific mattresses. For example, Tempur-Pedic carries a complete line of bedding designed for their brand that are also appropriate for other foam or latex mattresses. If you have this type of mattress, buying sheets made for your type of bed is ideal. It takes out the hit-or-miss aspect of shopping, ensuring you won't have to return sheets that don't fit properly.

Measurements Ensure a Good Fit

It's easy to refer to a simple sheet size chart to pick a sheet size to fit your mattress. Simply double-check your mattress size against the standard sheet sizes to ensure you purchase the right size sheets.

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