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Minky Blanket on bed

The minky blanket is a plush silky soft fabric that's often used for baby blankets. This luxurious fabric is also ideal for other blanket sizes with the look and feel of real mink.

Baby Minky Blankets

If you're looking for the ultimate baby gift, you may want to invest in a minky blanket. This versatile blanket choice conveys a sense of luxury often compared to the feel of cashmere. You can transform any nursery into a sophisticated chic style by using one. Those handy with a sewing machine may even want to try to make one themselves.

There are many styles of baby minky blankets as well as your choice of size. Some features you'll want to consider include:

  • Baby Minky Raised Dot Blanket
    Baby Minky Raised Dot Blanket
    Satin ruffles trim some baby blanket styles and accent the feel of luxury.
  • Some sellers offer two choices of reversible blanket fabrics. One is minky, and the other is typically a soft flannel or microfiber.
  • Patchwork blankets with a solid fleece backing fit any nursery style.
  • Novelty fabrics, such as elephants, tropical birds, monkeys, giraffes and other cute zoo patterns repeat a themed nursery decor.
  • A double-sided polka dot pattern trimmed in satin is perfect for cuddly swaddling.
  • Many sellers offer several choices of fonts for embroidering the baby's name on the blanket.

Baby Blanket Sizes

Some sellers offer three basic baby blanket sizes while others only over a standard crib-sized blanket.

The sizes include:

  • 14"W x 17" L: This an ideal travel-size for a baby when needing a cover that is smaller than a typical blanket.
  • 28"W x 35"L: This size is great for a newborn.
  • 31"W x 51"L: The perfect crib size blanket. Some people use this size for a throw.

Parents should keep in mind that the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that all blankets should be kept out of a baby's sleep area for safety.

Minky Blankets and Blanket Throws

Minky blankets are very thick, usually around one inch. These 100 percent polyester faux fur fabrics have an expensive look and feel while providing a cozy warmth. A minky blanket often has a microfiber backing. Some feature a high-end design plus flannel backing, while others have a double-sided minky fabric for a truly reversible blanket effect, giving you a two-in-one value.

Teal Minky Adult Size Blanket
Teal Minky Adult Size Blanket

Blanket sizes include:

  • Twin: 66 " W x 86" L
  • Full/Queen: 86" W x 86" L
  • King: 86" W x 90 L

Blanket Throws

Blanket throws are constructed much like the blankets although you can purchase reversible ones with a Sherpa backing or a different minky fabric pattern.

  • Blanket throws: 60" L x 50" W

Available Patterns

The patterns available for kids', teens', and adult minky blankets are varied and colorful.

  • One of the most popular patterns, especially for infants, is the polka dot. This pattern features raised polka dots in the plush fabric.
  • Other common patterns include stripes and embossed prints.
  • Jacquards, plaids, and faux fur patterns make this a great choice for any bedroom décor.

Custom-Made Minky Blankets

Some websites offer customers the ability to customize their orders. This goes beyond simply embroidering a name. Customers have fabric choices that include:

  • Selecting a pattern for your minky top with a solid-colored backing and satin trim
  • An option for double-sided minky in the same or contrast fabrics and colors
  • Choices for one side with a pattern and a plaid or striped backing

Easy Care

The minky polyester fabric is easy to care for. Although you always want to follow the manufacturer's instructions for your specific style, in general you can just toss it in the washing machine on the gentle cycle and tumble dry. The blanket fabrics don't shrink and are color-fast.

Ultimate Luxury

Drape a master bed with a minky blanket for a truly luxurious statement to any bedroom décor. Be sure to add one or two blanket throws on the bed or chair to add greater texture to your bedroom design. You can also choose one for a baby, child, or teen to add a cozy, luxe touch to his or her room.

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