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Italian bed linens are highly sought after by customers who value high quality, luxury bedding. Most private consumers who spend more on this high-end bedding feel it is worth every penny.

Famous Names in Italian Bed Linens

Italian textile artisans take great pride in creating fine, luxury bedding. Many of these companies are known worldwide.


Frette has been in the textile industry for 150 years. This company was originally founded in France in 1860, by John Bapiste Edmond Frette, Alexandre Payre and Charles Chaboud. In 1865, the company opened two plants that began manufacturing luxury fabrics on jacquard looms in Concorezzo, near Monza, Italy. By 1879, the company became 100 percent Italian with it's founding members of Giuseppe Maggi, Carlo Antoniette and Edmond Frette.

Frette has a long, rich history of success in the bedding linen industry. Many noble European dynasties have commissioned exclusive, tailor-made linens from the company including the Italian Royal Family. Frette is a leading supplier of fine bed linens to the hospitality industry. Frette bedding can be found in luxury hotels, the most prestigious private and public residences, royal courts, embassies, and government buildings around the world.


Barbacci is a family-owned company, founded in 1958 by Mrs. Adele, who sought out the most talented artisans available in the small town of Greve, Italy. This company became well-known for its innovative line of bed linens, from boutiques in Paris to department stores in the United States.

Barbacci is known for its high manufacturing standards and using the finest natural materials, including silk and Egyptian cotton. Barbacci bed linens are enriched with embroidery, applications, lace, lace work or an elegant border.


Sferra began in 1891, when Gennaro Sferra opened his fine linens factory in Venice, Italy. The company soon became famous for providing luxury bed linens to hotels and upscale homes. Expansion into the American market was profitable and Sferra relocated his family and his company to New York in a shop on Fifth Avenue. The company follows the same traditions Gennaro used in his original factory in Italy by using high-quality Egyptian cotton in their sheets and duvet covers. Other luxury bedding options from this company include blankets, blanket covers, decorative accessories and down bedding.


Bellino is a producer of fine linens for bed, bath and table and have been in business for over ten years. Bellino uses only the best long staple Egyptian cotton and follows strict manufacturing quality control practices.

Special features of Bellino linens include elegant jacquards, Italian, French or Swiss lace on 300 to 600 thread count Egyptian cotton, high thread count percales and a wonderful assortment of prints on cotton sateen.


Oronotte is one of the newest Italian bedding manufacturers. The company was founded in the picturesque Como region of Italy, known for being one of the best areas for fine silk thread production. Oronotte's mission is to raise the bar for Italian made textile exports by offering a new collection of bed linens made from pure silk.

Oronotte bed linens include sheets made of 100 percent Crepe satin silk and quilts, bedcovers, and duvet covers made from a fusion of 55 percent silk and 45 percent cotton. Oronotte typically sells its luxury bed linens to wholesalers and department stores; however, the manufacturer also supplies bedding linens to certain specialty shops and boutiques.

Italian Luxury

What makes Italian bed linens so special? Many of these Italian textile manufacturers are known for making fine linens for the hospitality industry, including fine hotels and restaurants. Italian manufacturers use the best materials such as silk and Egyptian cotton. High thread counts in sheets are the standard for most Italian linens. Generations of talented artisans in the textile industry, high quality materials and high standards in manufacturing are what make most Italian linens superior in quality.

Where to Buy

Although many Italian bedding manufacturers market their products to hotels, most of them also sell to specialty stores, boutiques, and some department stores. This enables them to reach consumers who want to use these fine linens in their homes. You can also visit the following online retailers who carry Italian bed linens:

If you're looking for luxury bed linens with high thread counts, similar to what you would find in a luxury hotel, Italian made bed linens are the way to go.

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