Ed Hardy Bed Linens

bold animal print
Bold animal prints are a Hardy staple.

Wildly colorful and undeniably creative, Ed Hardy bed linens add a splash of color and a bold look to any bedroom. The line is distinctive and immediately recognizable for its tattoo-inspired prints, and the Hardy bedding collection is nothing short of incredibly imaginative.

About Ed Hardy

Tattoo artist Ed Hardy probably never expected that his workmanship would ever be regarded as a major trend in the worlds of men's and women's fashion. That's exactly what happened, though, when designer Christian Audigier assumed the rights to create a line of clothing and accessories featuring Hardy's unique Japanese tattoo designs. In addition to these, the line also includes a number of lifestyle products, such as computer accessories, barware, journals and bedding.

Types of Ed Hardy Bed Linens

From duvets and pillow shams to sheets and decorative pillows, the Ed Hardy bedding collection includes a little bit of something for everyone. The bedding company utilizes high-quality materials (like 300-thread count sateen and single-ply cotton) and uses digital printing to implement Hardy's work on the linens.

Ed Hardy Skull Bedding

Whether you plan to redecorate the entire bedroom with a tattoo-inspired theme, or simply add a couple of pieces to an existing set-up to liven things up, you can count on finding something appropriate to suit your needs. Among the many items available are:

  • Blankets: Soft and plush, Ed Hardy blankets are a great gift idea for anyone who loves the bold and hates the cold. They are made of polyester and acrylic blends for an ultra-soft texture, and are great for throwing over the bed or even the couch as a head-turning accent piece. Note that these are somewhat rarer, but not impossible to find.
  • Duvets: Whether bold or subtle, there are a number of duvets available bearing Ed Hardy's edgy artwork. More understated designs feature dark color palettes with minimal embroidery, while adventurous pieces are wildly fearless in their use of opposing colors. Duvets are available in twin, full, queen, and king sizes, and are typically sold in sets with either one or two pillow shams.
  • Euro shams: Measuring 26 by 26 inches, European pillows are large, overstuffed squares that a distinct element to any room. Slip an Ed Hardy sham over it and you can count on turning some heads! These pillows are perfect for dens and family rooms, too. Decorative shams like Hardy's can also prove to be great conversation starters. Look for striking prints and a few subtle ones, like multicolored trim around a solid colored center.
  • Neck rolls: Slightly unusual but also very fun for the ardent Ed Hardy fan, neck rolls are designed to complement existing bedding collections by the designer. They feature long, lean shapes and are overstuffed for coziness. Available in a variety of prints and solid colors, these pillows also make great complements to simple bedroom décor thanks to their diminutive size.
  • Pillowcases: Available in standard, queen and king sizes, the Ed Hardy pillowcase lineup is vast. Some styles speak to the darker side of the artist's work, featuring devilish color palettes and fierce art, while others are lighter and almost playful with their soft colors (think yellow and baby blue). Since pillowcases are fairly discreet and not generally visible, they also make a fine addition to an existing set-up, although they can certainly be shown off.
  • Sheet sets: Ed Hardy sheet sets offer everything you need, including a flat sheet, fitted sheet and two pillowcases. The sheet sets are packaged in large collector boxes that are etched with the artist's work along the edges. The sets feature fairly bold designs, although some are more demure than others - for example, you may choose to opt for a white sheet set with minimal tattoo artwork if you're going the more understated route.

What to Expect

Not familiar with Ed Hardy's work? Consider the bedding a crash course in all things wild and wonderful. The tattoo artist's workmanship features a host of mesmerizing prints, some of which may not be suitable for the very conservative. Look for Ed Hardy bed linens with:

  • Bold pronouncements, like banners stating "Love Kills Slowly"
  • Daring patterns, like sharp animal teeth and blazing fires
  • Exotic animal prints and unexpected color combinations, like pink and green camouflage leopard spots
  • Mermaids posing seductively atop vibrant backdrops
  • Playful motifs, like lounging bumblebees and smiling flowers
  • Skulls with flowers in their long hair

Where to Shop

Tracking down Ed Hardy bedding can be a bit of a hassle, but it isn't impossible to find the pieces you want. Visit online haunts like Amazon and eBay for the best pick of what's readily available, and be sure to check the latter site frequently for new additions. You may wish to check the Ed Hardy brick and mortar stores, many of which are outlets.

As with any piece of bedding, it can be tricky to find the right piece without seeing it in person. Unfortunately, you may have to purchase Ed Hardy bedding online, so do some research on the seller's return policy beforehand. With the right piece in your possession, you can count on years of use and plenty of color, too.

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