Coca Cola Bedding

Coca-Cola Bottle Sheet Set
Coca-Cola Bottle Sheet Set

Coca-Cola enthusiasts like to display their love for the product and product design. Logo bedding options are sure to please most Coca-Cola fans who want to decorate their bedroom with the famous brand.

Sylvia Cook "Retro Diner" Duvet Cover

This unique artistic duvet cover presented by Kess InHouse features a classic diner in a colorful design. The duvet is a cotton/polyester blend that's lightweight and features a zipper closure. Made in the U.S.

The duvet cover is machine washable. In fact, the company advertises that the color won't fade no matter how many times the duvet cover is washed. Made in the USA

  • Size: Twin, queen, and king and Cal king
  • Pros: The design is very artistic - almost photographic quality - and can become a centerpiece for a retro themed bedroom design.
  • Cons: This is the duvet cover only and customers will need to provide their own insert.
  • Price: Expect to pay about $110 for a twin, $120 for queen, and $150 for kin/Cal king, plus shipping, from Amazon.
    Sylvia Cook Retro Diner Duvet Cover
    Sylvia Cook Retro Diner Duvet Cover

DEYOU Coca-Cola® Pillow Cover

This decorative Coca Cola pillow cover features two-sided printing. The pattern depicts a woman dressed in a 1940s style bathing suit given a patriotic salute to the logo "Cola". Colors are mainly red, white, and black.

  • Size: 20" x 30" (insert not included)
  • Pros: This cover makes a great throw pillow for a Coca-Cola themed bedroom design; you could also use it as part of a vintage-themed den or family room.
  • Cons: The nostalgic retro pattern may not fit a more modern themed room design or masculine decor.
  • Price: You'll pay about $20 at Walmart.
    DEYOU Coca-Cola Pillow Cover
    DEYOU Coca-Cola Pillow Cover

Chenille Blanket

An iconic retro picture of a Coke billboard is backdropped by Belle Plaine, Iowa, in this aerial photo woven into this chenille blanket. Decorated with fringe, this blanket/throw is handmade is woven using a jacquard loom. The Chenille yarns make this blanket very soft and adds a touch of luxury when draped across any Coca Cola themed bed. Made in the USA.

  • Size: 60" x 80"
  • Pros: This bedding displays a work of art in both construction and the photo print used on the blanket. You can use it as a throw on a bed or couch, or even hang it on the wall.
  • Cons: The black and white graphic might detract from a traditional red and white Coke color scheme, especially if the retro look isn't the right theme.
  • Price: It will cost about $100 with free shipping through Walmart.
    Chenille Blanket
    Chenille Blanket

Twin Bottle Bedding Set

This Coca-Cola bottle sheet set comes with three pieces and can be found on Houzz and Amazon. The black and white classic Coke bottle is an ideal choice for a any collector and enthusiast. The sheets are 100% polyester and provide a soft comfortable bedding choice. Machine washable.

  • Size: The twin size set includes, one flat sheet, one fitted sheet and one standard size pillowcase.
  • Pros: The traditional glass Coca-cola bottle is on full display in this row by row design. The black and white color scheme is a wonderful complement to the Coke red and white as well as other colorful bedding choice.
  • Cons: Some customers may find the bottle pattern too large and busy.
  • Price: Both websites sell the set for about $30 plus free shipping.
    Twin Bottle Bedding Set
    Twin Bottle Bedding Set

Barn Fleece Blanket

Go bold! Go rustic! This 100% polyester blanket features an old barn siding background in the Coca-Cola red and white colors. The barn wood texture bleeds through the logo for a very effective design. The blanket is available with two back finishes. One is a plush fleece and the other is a Sherpa fleece. Machine washable and tumble dry makes it a great bedding choice.

  • Sizes: 50" x 60" or 60" x 80"
  • Pros: The blanket is a soft and cozy choice. It would work well in a rustic bedroom, den, or even garage.
  • Cons: This rustic look may not suit all bedroom designs.
  • Price: You should expect to pay about $50 or $60, respectively.

Coca-Cola Bedding Choices

Coca-Cola fans are sure to appreciate logo bedding choices. Be sure to check ebay and Etsy for more unique and often custom-made Coca Cola bedding.

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