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An Asian bedding style can give your bedroom a beautiful exotic appeal. These bedding linens reflect various cultural elements, each with unique and distinct designs. The motifs bedding linen designers use are as different as the many diverse regions and countries that make up this vast continent.

The Many Cultures of Asia

The term "Asian bedding" can encompass many different styles since Asia is the world's largest continent. Comprised of 69 different countries, Asia has some very uniquely cultures and lifestyles. These ten countries bring specific cultural influences to what are typically known as Asian designs:

  • China
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Japan
  • Korea
  • Malaysia
  • Philippines
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam

Asian Bedding Styles and Fabrics

Asian bedding can include pattern elements such as bamboo, peacocks, dragons, and Chinese and Japanese characters. Floral patterns are also a very common pattern choices for bedding and include cherry blossoms, peony blossoms and lotus flowers.

Luxury fabrics lend themselves well to Asian bedding designs and include such choices as Resham silk, Chinese silk and velvet. Indian bedding styles are typically bright, colorful fabrics that often have small mirrors sewn onto them, various bead shapes and colors or are embroidered with gold metallic threads.

Chinese Influences

Chinese-styled bedding can be subtle or dramatic. The use of metallic gold designs such as Chinese characters, dragon and phoenix, calligraphy, bamboo and other floral designs offer great design opportunities. One of these opportunities is to include decorative silk pillows and lampshades to accent your bedding choices.You can also find warm fleece stadium blankets with Chinese characters and designs.

Japanese Influences

Americans are quite familiar with the futon style bed, as these beds are popular sellers in the United States. This space-saving beds originated in Japan, where space in most households is very limited. Often, just one room is used for eating, sleeping, working and living.

You can give your futon an authentic Asian-inspired look by adding a Japanese Shiki Futon mattress filled with cotton, just as they are in Japan. Coordinate this with a decorative mattress cover made from traditional Japanese fabric. Stay toasty warm at night with a silk filled Kake Futon cover, an authentic Japanese comforter filled with light, supple, hand-pulled mulberry silk. The silk fibers are excellent for retaining body heat and are naturally hypo-allergenic as well as resistant to mildew and moisture.

Thai Influences

For a more formal look in the bedroom, try Thai bedding. Thai bedding is made from high quality Thai silk and often comes in a variety of bright, vivid colors. Stripes, medallions and floral patterns are common. Decorative throw pillows are found in Thai bedding sets, as well as decorative runners that can be placed horizontally along the foot of the bed for an added design element.

Indian Influences

Another type of Asian style bedding is heavily influenced by the culture of India. Today, there are many talented artisans living in or near India that make luxury bedding with intricate embroidery by hand, combining age-old workmanship with modern electric hand looms. The designs and materials used in this authentic Indian style bedding reflect the rich cultural heritage of this region of the world. From the ancient master embroiderers of the Kutch region to the exotic textile designs of the Mughal Dynasty, you're sure to find the perfect bedding design.

Where to Buy

You can find all styles of Asian bedding online. See different styles at these online retailers:

No matter what style of Asian bedding you choose, this bedding will help you add a unique touch to your bedroom or guest bedroom.

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