What You Will Find at Anthropologie Bedding

Textured Chevron Duvet
Textured Chevron Duvet

Choosing bedding from Anthropologie is a great way to create a unique and stylish bedroom that your friends will surely envy. Many of the styles are exclusive to Anthropologie, so you won't be able to find these designs anywhere else.

Duvet Options

The duvets are made from a variety of cottons as well as silk, satin, acrylic, and linen. Both tie and button closures are sold. Many fabrics are embroidered cotton or cotton satin while others are cotton and linen blends or organic cotton. All the duvets except for the Georgina Duvet are machine-washable.

Price Range

Georgina Duvet
Georgina Duvet

The average duvet price range depends on style and size. This ranges from as low as about $150 to upwards of $900.

Customer Reviews

Overall, the reviews from website customers for duvets are positive and pleased with their purchases. Some of the comments include "quilt like authenticity" and "quality patterns and rich colors".

For example, the Enmore Embroidered Duvet is embroidered with tassels on the corners and comes in turquoise and black and white. Several customers mentioned the beautiful colors and how impressed they were with it overall. However, customers commented that the fabric is sheer and advise others to use a white insert to prevent the pattern on the back from showing through.

Quilts and Coverlets

The quilts and coverlets are made from different types of cotton, such as hand-embroidered cotton voile and screen-printed cotton, among others; colors and patterns will vary from style to style. Many of the fabrics must be dry cleaned, but a large portion of the quilts and coverlets are machine-washable.

Price Range

Rivulets Quilt
Rivulets Quilt

Price range is determined by size and style but runs from about $170 to $430. Some styles are available only in queen and king while others are available in twin, full, queen and king sizes.

Customer Reviews

Overall, website customer are pleased with the quilts and coverlets. Some of the comments include, "stunning and so soft!", "so soft and heavy", and "so extremely soft and comfortable."

One of the popular quilts, Rivulets, has reviews that say it is "beautifully made" and "heavy enough to keep me warm, but not too heavy." One customer was so taken with her first purchase that she made a second with plans to purchase a third.


Bedskirts are made from either cotton or linen depending on the style. Each has a standard 15" drop. Some of the bedskirts are machine-washable while others must be dry cleaned.

Price Range

The bedskirts are not available in every size. Some are limited to just queen and king, while others are available only in twin, queen and king. Some of the bedskirts can be used with different styles of duvets, quilts and coverlets. Pricing ranges from about $50 to $380.

Customer Reviews

Overall customers are pleased with their purchases. For example, the Georgina bedskirt reviews are positive with comments saying things like "very light and delicate" and "very elegant".

Accent Bedding at Anthropologie

The use of accent pillows, shams and throws can be layered to create interest, style, and depth in your bedding design. The pillows, shams, and throws are often a mixture of various textures that include velvet, leather, rayon, silk, and other fabrics.


Accent pillows come in square, long, or rectangle sizes. The pillows are filled with either poly fill or down inserts. Some designs have ruffle, pompom, or tassel trims. Prices range from about $60 to $500.

Ombre Velvet Pillow customer comments included phrases like "gorgeous" and "looks aged without looking dirty". One customer commented that the color wasn't true to website photo while another explained "pillows take on a different color depending on what time of the day it is."


The shams don't come with inserts but these can be purchased on the website as poly fill or down. Some sham patterns are available in only one size, while others come in standard, Euro, and king sizes. The shams match the duvet, quilt, or coverlet patterns and can be matched up to those that don't have a specific pairing. Pricing ranges from about $60 to $125.

Moroccan Wedding Throw
Moroccan Wedding Throw

The Georgina Euro Shams for this popular pattern receives great customer reviews. Customers sing praises, such as "Elegant yet simple" and "The fabric is soft and made well".


The throws come in one size, but that "one size" can vary from one throw style to another, so be sure to check the size before ordering a particular item. Prices range from about $75 to $500.

The Hand-Stitched Kantha Throw boasts that no two throws are alike. Customer reviews on the website include "Not too large or too heavy, but still cozy", "perfect for wrapping up in", and "perfect touch at the edge of my bed".

Sheets and Pillow Cases

The Antropologie sheets are sold several ways, so be sure to check out what is included in the pricing. Some are sold as sets, others as individual pieces, and some are only available in specific sizes. Most of the pillow cases have an envelope design that creates a neatly shaped pillow case similar to that of an accent pillow or sham cover design.

Fabrics include several forms of cotton including Egyptian cotton percale, cotton sateen, and South Indian long staple combed cotton.

Price Range

Antiqued Lace Sheet Set
Antiqued Lace Sheet Set

The price range for sheet sets and individually priced pieces varies from $60 to about $280 according to type of fabric, sizes, and what's included in the price.

Customer Reviews

Overall customers are satisfied with their purchases. A few negative comments centered around color(s) being different from the computer screen or the sheets not being as soft as anticipated. Two customers commented on two separate designs that were feminine, but said the patterns were "subtle" and "not overly girly".

Antiqued Lace Sheet Set customer reviews stated the fitted sheets have deep pockets although one noted that the sheets were thinner than expected.

Bedding Basics

The bedding basics section addresses duvet and sham inserts that should be considered if you don't already own these basics. Antropologie offers duvet and sham inserts, box spring covers, and featherbed mattress topper. Again, pricing will vary depending on the size and style option you choose. Duvet insert sizes include twin, full, queen, or king and sham insert sizes include standard, king, or Euro.

  • Duvet and sham inserts come in down or down alternative (about $30-$530).
  • Box spring covers come in sand or white ($78-$208).
  • The featherbed mattress topper comes in white ($198 - $248).

Ideas for Designing Your Bedroom

Anthropologie offers many great choices for bedding. For example, you may wish to used a duvet, quilt or coverlet with just a fitted sheet. They consider adding a couple of matching shams.

Accent Pillows Add Color and Depth

Check out the accent pillows that can be added for more color and interest, especially since many of these come in different sizes as well as special embellishments. These can be created depth to your bedding design.

Add Throw for Texture

You can drape a throw on the foot of the bed for those times you don't wish to get under the covers, but want to wrap up snuggly. A throw is a great way to add more texture and color to your bedding design.

In-Store Versus Online Shopping

Some of the bedding choices for Antropologie are only available online, so be sure to check availability if you plan to purchase from your local store if there is a particular size or style you desire. For example, twin sizes may only be available online.

However, note that in both the U.S. and Canada, stores will accept online returns and exchanges at the store location within their return guidelines.

Choosing the Perfect Bedding

The key to choosing the ideal look for your bedding is to take your time and browse through the selections. Don't be afraid to mix and match designs and colors for a unique and totally "you" design.

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What You Will Find at Anthropologie Bedding