Romantic Bedding

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Romantic bedding can transform your bedroom instantly. If you're looking for a way to spice up your boudoir, you can consider making an investment in a luxury bedding set, or find lower-priced bedding alternatives that are just as enchanting.

Affordable Romantic Bedding

With today's competitive market, you can find great deals on bedding ensembles. If you only want a comforter, you can usually purchase individual pieces in most bedding collections. One of the best places to start your shopping is either a brick and mortar or an online discount store. The latter type of store passes on great savings. You may find a favorite pattern at a great price because it's been discontinued or the store purchased inventory from another store that went out of business. These are just a few of the many reasons bedding is offered at considerably lower prices. If your budget is limitless, then pull out all of the stops and forget the cost. Whatever your budget, you can certainly find the perfect romantic bedding.

Choosing Romantic Bed Linens

Before you set out to purchase your romantic bedding, you want to make a few decisions that can save you time. Try to picture your ideal romantic bedroom, complete with accessories, draperies, and anything else on your wish list. Make a mental snapshot and use it to gauge whether or not a bedding set will fit into your overall plan. Think about the fabric textures, color, pattern, design, and style you want to achieve with your bedding selection

Fabric Choices

Most people automatically think satin and silk when they first hear the phrase romantic bedding, but there are quite few other choices that can be just as romantic and still have a luxurious appeal. If you want solid-colored bedding then satin or silk will definitely be romance inspiring. These are often available in vibrant solid colors, but you can also find floral and other pattern designs in this choice fabric. If you decide to opt for a chenille, cotton, or even a mixture of fabrics for a layered bedding style, you can still make it a highly romantic. The style and design of the bedding will determine just how romantic the ensemble is.

Color Choices

Many people associate red with romance and while it definitely is a great color choice, there are many other colors that can fill the bill. In fact, almost any color can be used for a romantic bedroom setting. It's all in what you put with it and the pattern design of the bedding. Soft, pale colors can be used in a sweet bedding style. Bold or contrasting bedding colors (such as black and white) can also be used to create an enticing bedroom - one with more dramatic flair.

Style and Design

You want your bedroom to reflect your personality. When considering various bedding choices, don't select the first thing you come across that is appealing. Take your time to explore what's available. Use your original guidelines for the type of fabric you prefer to help narrow your choices, otherwise you could become overwhelmed.

  • Animal Prints: You might not consider an animal print to be a romantic choice for bedding, but when coupled with the right décor and accessories, it can be very alluring and enchanting. Add a few tropical elements to your bedroom to bring out the design magic of textures including a lush green plant, plush area rug, a bamboo screen, and contrasting animal print upholstery or throw. Keep the elements balanced so the animal print still has a dramatic visual effect.
  • Toile: The French pattern design known as Toile is an elegant and formal romantic choice for bedding. Arriving on the English scene during the sixteenth century, this fabric, also known as Toile de Jouy is taken from the French word for linen fabric (toile). This fabric design is immediately recognizable with either a cream or white background and a single colored accent pattern. The traditional colors are blue, burgundy, brown, or black, although modern fabrics use a wider range of colors of vibrant or pale hues. The toile pattern is typically a pastoral or floral arrangement. Some of the most popular patterns depict sixteenth or seventeenth century costumed men and women in various settings such as a swing, a lover's picnic, walking down a country road, and other various rural settings. Add lace pillows and an old-fashioned crocheted throw for a few romantic touches. Use the same toile pattern in a contrasting color for accent pillows trimmed in fringe or tassels for exciting romantic embellishments.
  • Floral: You may first think of a floral pattern when you hear the phrase romantic bedding. This is an excellent choice for creating the ambiance of luxury and romance. Depending on your personal likes, you can use as much or as little floral pattern in your bedding. If you want drama, then go for a bold large print with vivid colors. If your style is subtle, then opt for a small English rose or other small flower designs. You can accent your floral bedding with laces and trims on pillows, add an accent pillow that's heart-shaped or is made from satin roses sewn together. Go with velvets and other tactile fabrics to bring texture and colors into your bedding scheme.

Adding Other Design Elements

Flowers arrangements are also a great way to carry forward a color scheme and enchanting designs. Place a vase of real or silk flowers on a bedside table or dresser. Use small area rugs on either side of the bed to lend continuity to your new color scheme and design. Change out a lamp shade for one that matches or complements your new bedding. Don't forget your walls, a new paint job can liven up white walls and transform your bedroom instantly. Hang a framed photo or painting above each nightstand to draw your focus closer to the overall design.

Finishing Details

Once you find your ideal bedding, add a few finishing details to make your setting ultra romantic and highly personal. Don't forget to set out the potpourri, light a few candles and turn on the soft music for a magically romantic setting.

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