Retailers for Bed Linens

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Retailers for bed linens include online stores as well as brick and mortar stores. Most brick and mortar stores also have online stores to accommodate their customers' needs.

Where to Start

When you begin searching for bedding retailers, you probably start by doing a word search and then browse through a monster listing of various stores. The best way to narrow your search is to know what type, style and color bedding you want.

Top Retailers for Bed Linens

Another way to search for bedding retailers is to shop by a specific category. If you want classic bedding styles or luxury bedding, then by selecting one of these categories, you narrow your selection. If you know the name of the bedding collection you want, then you can enter it into the website's search engine for quick price-comparison shopping.

Luxury Bedding Retailers

Luxury bedding will give you feeling of ultimate pampering when you opt for this type of bedding. Certain fabrics fall into the luxury bedding category, such as satin and silk sheets, high thread count fabrics, and Egyptian cotton linens. You should automatically expect these fabric choices to cost more. Organic linens are also considered to be a step above the typical bedding linens. Luxury bedding can be found under various designer labels. Most website retailers have new arrival sections as well as sale and clearance sections similar to brick and mortar stores.

Some of the styles you find online might not be available in your local stores, so be sure to check the online store before heading out to shop.

  • Fine Linens: Sells high-end bedding from designers such as Ann Gish, John Atkinson, and Peacock Alley. If you're an industry professional such as an interior designer, architects, or contractor, you can receive professional discounts.
  • Horchow: Once an independent mail order firm, Horchow was purchased by Neimen Marcus in the late 1980s.
  • Macy's: You can find regular sales on luxury bedding. Take advantage of 2-Day sales and holiday sales. Pay attention for free shipping offers.
  • Neimen Marcus: This high-end retailer carries luxury bedding, including boutique styles by such designers as Donna Karan, Sferra, Ann Gish, and Pine Cone Hill.
  • Sferra: Founded in 1891 in Venice, Italy, Sferra creates stunning bedding ensembles. The sheets are made from Egyptian cotton and the product line has expanded to include infant bedding and table linens.

Discount Bedding Retailers

Some of the best deals you can get on bedding are through online stores. Many times these retailers offer buying incentives such as discounted or free shipping and steep discounts.

  • Closeout Linen: Closeout Linen offers weekly specials that you can take full advantage of if you visit the website frequently. If you run into any problems or have questions, you can have a live online chat with one of their customer service representatives.
  • King Linen: This is a well-known discount online store for all types of bedding. You can typically save between 60 to 80 percent on your online purchases.

Teenage and Kids' Bedding

Finding the perfect bed linens for a teenager isn't always an easy task. Young kids can already have specific likes and dislikes, so it's best to do some pre-shopping on your own to narrow the choices you offer your younger kids. This will make shopping easier for both of you.

  • Wayfair: For the toddler to the teenager in your home, Bedding Set has something for almost every age.
  • Total Bedroom: Not only can you find great bed linens for kids and teenagers, but you also get free shipping on all orders!

Baby and Nursery Bedding

Getting your nursery ready is exciting and fun. You may end up with too many choices. To help keep your selections to a manageable number, shop around, keeping in mind that your baby will quickly outgrow nursery furniture and bedding linens.

  • Baby Super Mall: Baby Super Mall gives you a 90 day guarantee in addition to hundreds of choices.

Shopping Online Versus at Brick and Mortar Stores

You're fortunate to have two ways to shop for retailers for bed linens. Brick and mortar stores offer you the opportunity to see and touch the actual bedding before you make a purchase. Online shopping gives you the luxury of in-home shopping that saves you time, gas and money. While you can't touch the fabric and in some instances, can't see the true colors, most quality online stores have a return guarantee with free shipping should the item not look as you thought it should. Both types of retailers gives you many options for selecting the perfect bedding for your home.

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