Modern Bedding Ideas for Sleigh Beds

Modern Bedding Ideas

Modern bedding ideas mean you aren't limited to old-fashioned choices when it comes to sleigh beds. The right bedding choice means you can enjoy this traditional bed design with contemporary style.

Stylized and Plaid

You can select a very stylized pattern for a bedspread or comforter and layer with throw pillows and a nice bed throw.

  • Create a stunning look with a brown and white feathery foliage pattern with a matching striped welt (striped cording).
  • Add depth to this bedding ensemble with a dark brown linen bed skirt.
  • Consider crisp white sheets and pillows that contrast with the oversized brown and white plaid pillows sporting a unique button envelope design.

Modern Quilt

Bright and fresh bedroom decorated with a flowers

A new look for an antique style sleigh bed can be achieved through the use of modern textile bedding choices.

  • Select a stylized comforter design, such as one featuring sprigs of leaves and other shapes in multiple colors .
  • Choose an accent color from the comforter, such as a pink rag motif quilted coverlet and matching pillow shams.
  • Further accent your bedding ensemble with a bright blue pillow.
  • A message lumbar pillow makes a cute choice for any free spirit.

Blue, Brown and White Squares

Go beyond the traditional patchwork quilt with a multi-colored blue, brown and white checkerboard quilt.

  • Choose a style with the quilting is done on a diagonal and to make a striking bedding choice.
  • Accent the brown leather upholstery with a pair of brown and white geometric pillow shams.

Tropical Touch

Tropical Touch

Your sleigh bed doesn't need to be rattan to dress it up with a palm tree tropical bedding look.

  • Try a hand-woven ecru bedspread to transform any sleigh bed with this homespun classic.
  • Layer a variety of pillow sizes featuring a palm tree insert.
  • You can use this same concept with any modern beach-themed bedding.

Lakeside Blue

Lakeside Blue

Get a lakeside influence with a modern touch with a blue bedding ensemble.

  • Use a blue bedspread featuring wide horizontal white stripes for a classic yet modern look.
  • Start the layering of other pillows with a pair or two matching pillow shams. Consider playing up the white with a pair of white pillow shams.
  • Make the bedding ensemble more feminine by using ruffled shams.
  • Add a throw pillow featuring a diagonal blue and white pattern.
  • Consider adding small, white lumbar pillows sporting blue stripes to match bedspread.

Layer With Solid Colors

Select three colors and begin layering these in your bedding design. An example of this look is as follows:

  • Start with a tan comforter and white top sheet. The sheet can be folded over the comforter to create a wide horizontal band. If you don't want to use white, select a darker brown flat sheet.
  • Continue the color layering with a bottom sheet and two pillow cases that match the tan comforter. If you prefer a greater contrast in the layering, select a darker brown for the bottom sheet and pillow cases.
  • Add depth to your bedding design with a pair of medium-brown, king-size pillow shams.

Geometric Diamond Shapes

Consider very modern shapes, such as geometric shapes, for your bedding selection. Triangles and diamond shapes are popular choices that offer an exciting bedding display.

  • For a contemporary look, choose a pattern that uses different colors. In this look, for example, light and dark blues and grays merge in this pattern with pale pink and green-brown accent triangles.
  • Add a pair of medium brown throw pillows for the final touch.
  • You can choose other colors to use as accent pieces in pillows and bed throws.

Modern Bedding Works With Sleigh Beds

You have just as many modern bedding choices for your sleigh bed as you do any other bed design. Consider the bed finish and style when deciding which bedding ideas are best suit for your new look.

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Modern Bedding Ideas for Sleigh Beds