How to Decorate a Bed

Off-white modern bedroom

Knowing how to decorate a bedroom includes decorating the bed. You need to consider the bedroom furniture style, age of occupant and type of décor to ensure you get the most out of your decorating efforts.

Tips for Decorating Your Bed

You can decorate a bed by choosing the ideal bedding for your bedroom décor. A few quick tips can make your choices easier.

  • Select bedding that goes with your overall bedroom color scheme.
  • Use decorative pillows to provide texture and contrast.
  • Select one color to be an accent color for a pair of pillow shams, prominent color in a comforter, a throw, and/or fitted sheet with matching pillow cases.
  • Layering is a great technique that gives your bed decorations a designer look. You can layer with sheets, blankets, a comforter, a quilt, a throw, and pillows in various sizes, colors and designs.

Toddler's Woodland Daybed

You can carry a decor theme throughout the bedroom in this toddler bed design. A daybed is a nice design touch to encourage your child to play in their bedroom. It is a good investment piece of bedroom furniture that won't need to be replaced as your child grows older.

Give a Hoot!

This owl motif is continued from the wall decals to the bedding choice. A green and white lattice design is featured on the reversible comforter as well as a matching pillow sham.

  • You can use a quilt or comforter as your main focal design point for bed decorations.
  • Select various colors from the pattern to use as accent colors for layering.
  • Some of the bedding items that can be used for layering include, sheets, pillowcases, blankets, throws, and accent pillows.
  • One large pillow features an owl applique.
  • Owl shaped pillows provide a find and decorative addition to this bedding ensemble.
Woodland themed bedroom

Versatility of Daybeds

Teens enjoy the novelty a daybed offers that is more than just a bed. You can design a daybed to serve as a sitting area during the day with lots of comfy pillows and a bed at night with stylish sheets and cozy comforter.

Pre-Teen Boy's Bed

There are many ways you can decorate a pre-teen boy's bed. Personalizing his space is a great place to start. For example, you can use his name in a wooden cutout placed on or above the headboard.

  • Removable wall decals is another option for this technique.
  • A stylized stencil is a great option.
  • A plaque with his name and a sports motif may be more appealing.
Decorated Boy's Bedroom

Themes and Color Choices

You want to choose a theme and color scheme, so the bed decorations match the rest of the bedroom. Chose his favorite sport or an icon of something he enjoys, such as cowboys. You can use this for different bedding selections.

  • Opt for a fun pillow sham with a cowboy pattern.
  • A red and ecru striped reversible comforter gives you two looks in one with the opposite side revealing a a small black and white gingham.
  • Complete this bedding ensemble by added patchwork or square quilted accent pillows that repeat the red stripes and black gingham patterns.
  • Blue sheets make this the ideal pre-teen boy's decorated bed.
  • Use a strip of the black and white gingham to hang a cross or other cherished symbol from the bedpost.

Teen Girl's Bed

You can emphasize the color scheme of a teenage girl's bed by using contrasting colors. Step outside the norm with the unexpected color combination of pink and brown with white as the accent color.

  • A fitted bedspread is highlighted with a center panel of brown and white polka dots.
  • Add contrast with a bedskirt or dust ruffle in a pinstriped pink and brown.
  • Don' forget to add a couple of fun motif shams.
  • You can add a little glam with faux fur chocolate pillows featuring a satin pink ribbon tied around one end of the pillows.
Decorated Pink and Brown Girl's Bedroom

College Dorm Bed

College dorms don't offer much space, so the first priority for your bed is comfort. You can decorate your dorm bed, so it is comfortable and stylish. This can be something as simple as a variety of pillows, throws and blankets.

  • A gray duvet makes a great backdrop for a collection of pillows. You can add different sizes, colors and textures to create a comfortable and interesting bed design.
  • Choose pillows that offer a variety of textures to add interest, such as Mongolian lamb, velvet or tassel pillows.
  • Add different patterns in the same color scheme, such as herrinbone, checks, plaids, or tapestry pillows.
  • Throws and blankets can be added for their textures and colors.
Decorated dorm room

Master Bedroom

The master bed can also be decorated by following a specific theme and color scheme. It is the ideal place to decorate a bed with a layered look.

  • Start with the comforter and pull various colors from it.
  • This blue floral design is contrasted with a blue-gray and white lattice pattern for the bed skirt.
  • Stark white sheets break up the pattern and colors.
  • A pair of matching pillow shams support a layering of various sizes and colors of pillows.
Decorated master bedroom

Guest Bedroom Inspiration

Choose a fun piece of furniture for your guest room and decorate your bed around it. For example, a plain bedroom featuring a purple velvet bench at the foot of the bed offers design inspiration.

  • You can integrate this pop of color by choosing a white bedspread with a purple border insert.
  • A large bolster pillow in a contrasting plaid carries the color scheme complete with satin ribbons tied on each end.
  • Purple velvet pillows are added for color depth and layering against white shams trimmed in purple.
Purple decorated guest bedroom

Twin Beds

The symmetry of twin beds decorated with the same bed linens and pillows gives a uniformity to your bedroom design. With matching beds, you can duplicate the bedding design for each bed.

Decorated twin beds

Duplicate Bed Designs

A kid's bedroom or guest bedroom featuring twin beds will always look better when the two beds match. This gives the bedroom a cohesive and complete design. Two different bed designs will create a chaotic and unpleasing bedroom décor.

Simple Pillow Accents

You can transform a bed by adding a pair of matching pillows with a unique design. Choose pillows that highlight your bedding in color and style.

Accent pillows on bed

Repeat Architectural Patterns

You can use the bedding to repeat any architectural patterns or emphasize geometric shapes. This bedding reflects the unique colors and pattern used in the bedroom fireplace. When using this method either use smaller or larger patterns for design interest.

Architectural patterns in master bedroom

Learn to Decorate a Bed

When you learn it's easy to decorate a bed, you'll be inspired to tackle each bedroom. Use the same colors and décor style of your bedroom to ensure a cohesive flowing bed design.

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