Funky Bedding Ideas for Teenage Girls That Won't Break the Bank

Funky Bedding Ideas

Funky bedding ideas for teenage girls are abundant! The good news is that there are plenty of design options to provide loads of funky bedroom style without breaking the bank. Having plenty of affordable bedding choices can help the stress out of shopping for your teen's bedroom design.

1. Mix and Match Decorative Throw Pillows

Layering decorative throw pillows in multiple patterns is a fun and low-cost option for decorating a teenage girl's bedroom. Mixing and matching decorative pillows featuring funky patterns introduces an exciting design element for a unique look. As an added bonus, the teen can quickly change the look on a whim without spending a fortune.

  • Shop for a reversible comforter, duvet cover or quilt to get two looks for the price of one. If the teen grows weary of the same bedding design, she can mix things up by flipping the piece over.
  • One of the main colors in the duvet/comforter should match the bedroom wall colors to ensure a good blending of the décor.
  • Select throw pillows in a mixture of patterns and colors that coordinate with the top bedding layer in a fun and funky way.
Teenage Girl’s Funky Bedroom

2. Highlight Monochromatic Pink

Select a bedding ensemble that will blend perfectly into a monochromatic color décor, such as the all pink bedroom featured here. The monochromatic depth of color values creates an almost dreamlike ambience.

  • The bedding should reveal at least two different color values of the same hue.
  • A light and dark hue are typically found in many bedding choices.
  • Add matching pillows and various light and dark solid pink ones.
Monochromatic Pink

3. Create Bohemian Chic Style

A bohemian chic bedding design introduces vibrant and contrasting colors into a teenage girl's bedroom décor. It's easy to pull a color or two from the bedding ensemble to use in other décor options throughout the room, such as decorative throw pillows, sheet sets and a bed throw.

  • Use a color combination of dark pink and teal with hints of one or more accent colors (such as orange) in a reversible duvet cover.
  • Select a motif that can be stylized and used in overlapping patterns, such as mandalas and medallions.
  • A stunning iconic motif in an accent pillow can create a whimsical focal point, such as a pink elephant.
  • A couple sets of pillow shams and lumbar pillows can be layered for a grand repetition of duvet patterns.
Bohemian Chic

4. Pair Geometric Shapes With Stripes

Select a geometric-patterned comforter with a solid-colored underside for a reversible bedding choice that is funky without being frilly. Pair it with striped accessories for maximum style and clean lines.

  • Go all out with a multi-striped bed skirt featuring a solid color top band.
  • Pick up the two main colors in the comforter and select a bold stripe for two pillow shams.
  • A matching lumbar pillow completes this bedding look.
Cool Geometric

5. Combine Patterns, Stripes and Colors

A comforter that's a mix of colorful patterned stripes alternating with smaller swaths of multi-colored stripes is a perfect funky focal point Adding various throw pillows for even more style.

  • Choose solid colors, stripes and various pillow patterns.
  • Create a greater design interest by selecting different sizes and shapes for a true pillow fest.
Patterns, Stripes and Colors

6. Channel Retro Flower Power

Go retro with a funky comforter design featuring stylized flowers in vibrant colors.

  • Add a polka dot sheet set to contrast the patterns and add depth.
  • Don't forget the shams. Add more than two to up the overall design effect, loading the headboard with color and texture.
Retro Flower Power

7. Create a Lavender and Orchid Extravaganza

Chose a fun, modern-style quilt in a lavender and orchid floral print.

  • Pale lavender sheets are the ideal base to pair with this color combination that manages to be both pastel and funky.
  • Add several decorative pillows, such as a round pleated lavender one and a lumbar pillow with frayed fabric highlights.
Lavender and Orchid Extravaganza

8. Combine Jewel Tones and Patterns

For a truly funky bedding ensemble, feature a layering of colors and patterns in rows of shapes, patterns and designs. Choose a reversible duvet cover that contrasts the bright magenta with a reversible side featuring warm colors. For example, a cooler teal-colored background that showcases a yellow baroque pattern gives just the right touch of contrast.

  • Add a mix of decorative pillows.
  • Finish off your design with a darker teal bed throw.
Magenta and Teal Dreams

9. Combine Blue and Brown

Choose an unexpected blue and brown color scheme for a funky bedding ensemble for a special teen. A mod flower pattern like the one pictured here may be an ideal choice to reflect the teen's energy.

  • Shake things up further by adding a few unexpected colors and designs in your throw pillow choices, such as the red accent pillows shown here.
  • Add a bed throw that combines the accent color with the blue/brown color palette.
Blue and Brown

Funky Bedding Ideas Make a Cool Bedroom

The bedding design and color palette you select can become the centerpiece for the rest of your bedroom design. Choose fun patterns and unusual color combinations to create a truly unique, funky look.

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Funky Bedding Ideas for Teenage Girls That Won't Break the Bank