Down Throw Blanket

down feathers

Down throw blankets are cozy and warm yet lightweight. These blankets also work well for those who need less covering at night.

Advantages of Down

If you haven't experienced down, you might not be aware of its many advantages. Down filling is made from the soft, insulating feathers found underneath the tough exterior feathers on a goose or duck. These amazing little feathers allow the birds to swim in ice cold water yet still remain warm. The highest quality down comes from mature geese.

Down makes such a great filling for comforters, blankets and pillows because of the millions of light, fluffy filaments that interlock to form a protective layer of still air that keeps heat in and cold out. These tiny little pockets of air have incredible insulating power. This insulating power is known as loft. Loft is measured by the number of cubic inches one ounce of down will fill under specific conditions.

Down is very resilient; when you scrunch it up or flatten it out all you need to do is give it a good shake to fluff it up again. Another amazing quality about down is how lightweight it is. Even though it is about three times warmer than most synthetic fabrics, down bedding is more lightweight because it takes less down to fill a blanket or comforter. Down also has great breathability and is resistant to moisture. A down blanket, pillow or comforter is also resistant to static electricity.


A quality down blanket will have a cotton or polyester outer shell with a 230 thread count or higher. Goose down is slightly better quality than duck down and the more mature the bird is the better quality down it will produce.

Most down blankets have the satin edge lining that many people prefer for a throw blanket finish. The blankets also typically have a box stitch construction that keeps the filling from shifting. Some blankets come with a one- or two-year warranty. Professional cleaning may be recommended, however, these blankets may also be washed in warm water and dried on a medium heat setting.


There is some concern over allergies since down comes from birds; however, allergies to down are pretty rare. Most allergy problems actually come from dust mites. High quality down goes through a rigorous cleaning process and a special finishing treatment to ensure that it is hypoallergenic. You can use a mite proof pillowcase to help protect against possible dust mites.

Using Down Throw Blankets

Down throw blankets are so handy to have around the house or even in your car. A throw blanket made of down is the perfect bed covering in the summer. It's breathability and moisture resistance will keep you cool and dry on warm summer nights. In the wintertime, an extra down blanket across the foot of the bed makes it easily available if you need extra warmth on extra chilly nights.

Keeping a down blanket draped across the back of the sofa or recliner makes an incredibly tempting spot for an afternoon nap. These are great blankets to keep on hand in your car as well. You can fold one up to make a comfortable pillow and it could be a lifesaver if you are ever stranded in a snowstorm. You might even want to spread one out underneath a shade tree for a quick afternoon nap in the park or your backyard.

Where to Buy

You can find a variety of down blanket styles in different price ranges. The price is usually based on the quality of down, the thread count, the size of the blanket and other materials it is made from. You can find these blankets at the following online retailers:

If you've never tried down bedding before, a down throw blanket is a great way to start enjoying one of mother nature's best benefits for comfortable sleeping.

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Down Throw Blanket