Charles P. Rogers Bed Linens Interview

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This Charles P. Rogers bed linens interview explores the creation and fine products of this over-a-century-old company. Founded in 1885 in New York City, Charles P. Rogers embraced the new concept of a factory showroom. It was only natural that the company also expanded into bedding linens to go with their highly cherished, handcrafted beds. Recently, LoveToKnow editor Sally Painter had the opportunity to discuss how these fine linens are made with Charles P. Rogers President, Linda Klein, in this exclusive interview

Charles P. Rogers Bed Linens Interview

LoveToKnow (LTK): How are your linens woven? What type of yarn and fabric are used? What makes the fabrics you use special, superior to others on the market?

Linda Klein (LK): The duvet uses 100 percent linen fibers, which are dyed prior to weaving. When using cotton for the sheets, Charles P. Rogers uses a long-staple cotton which results in a finer, stronger, longer lasting fabrics, 400-thread count per square inch, means it has to be a very fine fiber and well woven. That ,coupled with the long staple to create the cotton yarn, produces a tightly woven sheet with a wonderful hand.

Linen the Premium Bedding Choice

LTK: Why is linen a good bedding choice? Does it have any special qualities that benefit those using it for bedding?

LK: Linen is a great bed choice, its breathable and washable, it insulates whatever season and linen fiber is very strong. You can stuff the duvet with a summer weight or heavy duty for winter to keep you cool or warm. The cover itself vents allowing for air flow to help regulate the temperature.

Making Linen Bedding

LTK: How is your linen bedding made? Are there any special weaves?

LK: The fibers we use are well finished, long staples that create a nice hand. They are hemstitched, which is a nice, bespoke, tailored detail.

LTK: Why do you use Egyptian or Prima cotton over other cotton fiber choices?

LK: It's a better fiber to weave into the thread.

Variety in Bedding Ensembles

LTK: Do you offer bedding ensembles, duvet sets? What's included in these sets? Are any pieces sold separately?

LK: Yes, we have a seven-piece ensemble in full, queen and king sizes and a five-piece in twin sizes. The pieces are also sold separately, but ensemble discounts are excellent.

  • Seven piece set includes: LinenDuvet, two linen shams (standard or euro), flat sheet, fitted sheet, and pair of pillowcases
  • Five Piece set includes: Duvet cover, one sham (standard or euro) flat, fitted one pillowcase

Bedding Details

Linen pillow and stack of pillowcases

LTK: What special details do you incorporate into your bedding, such as special stitching, embroidery, construction, or design?

LK: Charles P. Rogers uses wonderful materials and now has organic sheet sets which are classic in design and long wearing. CPR also has thoughtfully engineered bed skirts. The design of bed skirts is that there are three separate panels: one for the front and two for the lengths, which attach to the top of the box spring and are adjustable so one can customize the height of skirt. 12 and 15 inches adjust. One person can do this on their own, without taking the mattress off.

Duvets are button closed, no cold zippers. Shams are slotted with no buttons or zippers to put face against.

Bedding for Daybeds and Trundle Beds

LTK: What types of bedding do you offer for daybeds and trundle beds?

LK: The daybed skirt is a different configuration. One long side goes against the wall, the daybed skirts has two short sides and one long side with a slit on the corners so the bed can slide out. There are ties to tie around the post so it doesn't slip, and most importantly it hides the ugly trundle.

Most Popular Bedding Sizes

LTK: Do you find that any particular size of bedding to be more in demand than others?

LK: King and Queen are the most common. While queen is the most often sold, if anyone can fit a king into their room, they do.

Organic Cotton Bedding

For those looking for a green product, you'll be happy to learn that Charles P. Rogers also offers 100 percent organic cotton bed linens.

A Special Thank You to Linda Klein

LoveToKnow would like to offer a special thank you to Charles P. Rogers president Linda Klein for taking time out of her busy schedule to share insight into her company's bedding products by participating in this interview.

For more information about the company or to purchase their fine bed linens, visit the Charles P. Rogers web site.

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Charles P. Rogers Bed Linens Interview