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Carmen Collection- Bella Notte bedding

Bella Notte Linens explores vintage-styled designs that reflect the company's philosophy of an artistic and inspired lifestyle. The linens are touted as easy-care heirloom quality with expert local craftsmanship and close attention to each embellishment.

10 Bella Notte Collections

The different types of bedding offered by Bella Notte Linens are grouped together as collections. They can be purchased together or individual items. In addition to adult bedding, the company offers several nursery bedding choices. Be sure to check with the current colors available since these can change. Also, check with the retailer listing for the items currently available for each fabric.

  • Choose from 10 distinct collections offered in eight designer colors, White, Winter White, Sand, Fog, Cloud, Mineral, Powder and Pearl. Baby bedding is only offered in cloud (blue) and pearl (pink).
  • Some of the collections feature cross-overs in more than one collection.
  • Some of the bedding items available include: pillow shams, pillowcases, decorative pillows, kidney pillow, sheets, blankets, bedspreads, coverlets, bed scarves/throws, bed skirts, comforters, duvet covers, and personal comforters. Nursery bedding choices include, crib sheets, crib skirts, baby blankets, comforters and kidney pillows. What is included in each collection varies.
    The Carmen collection in all colors

Linen Collections

The Linen is Bella Notte's signature linen. Touted as a bedding essential, this fabric only gets better with time, growing softer with each wash. This 100% linen fabric becomes a backdrop of easy draping for the layering of other Bella Notte bedding items. It's pried around $62-$497. Items available include, pillowcases, pillow shams, pillow bolster, flat and fitted sheets, bed skirt, duvet cover, crib sheets and skirts (available in cloud and pearl colors).

Layer with any of the following linens also in this collection:

  • Seville: If you're looking for a heavy-weight linen, this fabric also drapes easily and is another way to create a bedding base for layering other Bella Notte bedding items. Available for pillow shams, bedspread and bed skirt.
  • Seville Embroidered: Layer te Seville bedding with these heavy-weight linen, embroidered weeping botanical designed shams and throw pillows.
  • Josephine Linen: Delicate 100% cotton embroidery of orchids for a feminine touch on 100% linen standard and king size pillowcases.
  • Linen Whisper: Add a romantic layer with 100% linen with Bella Notte's signature 5" wide ruffle and petite ruffle trim. Choose from a duvet cover, bedspread, bed scarf, pillowcase, sham, kidney pillow and bed skirt.
    Seville Linen bedspread
    Linen Collection Bedspread - Seville

Embroidered Collections

This group features Marseille and two crossovers: the previously discussed Seville Embroidered and Josephine Linen.

The Marseille is 100% cotton velvet that features an intricate quilting patter. The lattice motif is a delicate stitching pattern that's edged with satin. Costs range from about $194-$1,074. The collection includes, a coverlet, lumbar throw pillow, pillow sham and baby blanket.

Cotton Velvet Collections

Two velvet collections are in this grouping; one is Helane and the other is the Marseille pattern - a crossover for this collection. The Helane Collection has a charming vintage yet classic look of cotton velvet. The bedding items are trimmed with petite satin ruffles.

  • It's available in White, Winter White, Sand, Fog, Cloud, Mineral, Powder and Pearl.
  • The items included in this collection are a baby blanket, crib skirt, personal comforter, lumbar throw pillow, kidney throw pillow and pillow sham.
  • Price: Around $172-$722

Silk Velvet Collections

The Silk Velvet Quilted, a Bella Notte best seller, is one of the most luxurious fabrics used for romantic bedding. The quilted silk velvet (82% rayon/18% silk) is lined with an equally lush satin fabric. The colors of this collection are deeper than other fabrics due to the way the dyes set in the fibers. It costs around $299 - $590. Several items are available in this fabric, including lumbar pillow, throw blanket, quilted sham and baby blanket.

Other collections include:

  • Carmen: Each item of this silk velvet fabric is trimmed with charmeuse petite ruffle. Items included in this collection include, personal comforter, sham, kidney throw pillow and throw pillow. Price: Around $215 - $876
  • Loulah: This silk velvet fabric is trimmed in a petite raw ruffle. Items available include, wedding blanket, large throw, pillow shams, bolster pillow, kidney pillow and baby blanket. Price: Around $273 - $1,016
    Silk Velvet Collection- Lumbar Throw
    Silk Velvet Collection- Carmen Lumbar Throw

Tencel® Collections

This collection includes two different collections in Tencel fabric options.

  • Isabella - This design is a 100% Tencel® Lyocell, soft, floral jacquard. The blossom patterned fabric has a romantic sheen that gives any bedroom an elegant touch with a draping ruffle trim. Expect to pay around $106 - $722. Items available include, a duvet cover, fitted and flat sheets, pillowcases, crib sheet, skirt and comforter.
  • Madera Luxe - The Madera Luxe Collection is made from 100% Tencel® Lyocell that is luminous and very soft to the touch, making it a great choice for bedding. Pricing ranges from $84 - $656. Items include, duvet cover, flat and fitted sheets, and pillowcases.

Chenille Collection

There is only one fabric collection in this grouping: Vienna. Vienna is a rich chenille offering with a velvet texture that is trimmed in Silk Velvet.

  • Vienna Collection includes a personal comforter, coverlet, lumbar pillow and sham.
  • Price: Around $216 - $722

Silk Charmeuse Collections

There is only one fabric in this grouping: the Valentina Collection. This silk charmeuse fabric is a Bella Notte classic. The style is considered very feminine with romantic touches of flowing silky gauze 6" long ruffle trim. It's priced around $238 - $876. This collection offers items that include, wedding blanket, personal comforter, bolster pillow, pillow shams, and kidney pillow.

Valentina kidney Pillow
Valentina Collection- Kidney Pillow

Cotton Collections

Three collections are included in this grouping. Helane and Marseille are crossovers and the other collection is the Adele. The Adele pattern is a lush chenille damask made from 100% organic cotton. The elegant pattern is raised on top of a textured background a truly luxurious appeal. It's priced around $158 - $590. The collection includes, a coverlet, pillow sham, and baby blanket.

Lace Collection

There is only one fabric collection in this grouping: Olivia. The Olivia Collection features blossom patterns embroidered with 100% cotton on top of a lace netting made from 100% Nylon Point d'Esprit. Each item is trimmed with a scalloped lace edging.

  • This collection offers a throw, bolster pillow, pillowcase, and linen pillowcase.
  • Price: Around $128 - $370

Quilted Collections

This grouping includes two cross-overs: Marseille and Silk Velvet Quilted. Both are found in other groupings described above.

Romantic and Chic Bedding Designs

Bella Notte bedding was the first luxury bedding linens that were garment-dyed and also easy care. The soft color and irresistible luxurious textures add a touch of romance to chic designs. The company pioneered the manufacturing process of garment-dyed bedding. The bedding and other linens are created with details typically found in garments, such as ruffles, piping, ruching, pintucking, embroidery, and laces. These touches combined with the lush color choices create very romantic yet often casually chic bedding.

Vintage Inspired Elegance

The allure of Bella Notte Linens is high-quality bedding as well as the vintage-inspired designs. Whether your bedroom style is casual or formal, these bedding choices will transform with rich textures, handcrafted details, and color palettes. If you're appreciative of romantic and old-fashioned décors with a refreshing flair, you'll love Bella Notte Linens.

Custom Dyed Per Order

Customers can rest better when nestled in their custom dyed bedding knowing that the company succeeded in its vision to produce luxurious bedding with as small an environmental impact as possible. The company markets its bedding as being "casually elegant linen". As an environmentally friendly company, their entire production process from growing organic cotton and hemp to manufacturing is done with manufacturing guidelines for low-impact and non-toxic dyes. The fabrics absorb the dyes to create soft but luscious colors. Most of the bedding collections are created in the San Franciso Bay area.

Reasons to Select Bella Notte

You'll find plenty of reasons to buy Bella Notte bedding:

  • Custom dyed to order. This ensures all pieces in the collection match perfectly for your bedroom decor.
  • Romantic appealing designs are ideal for nostalgic and elegant bedroom designs.
  • High quality fabric and craftmanship means durability that can become heirlooms for your family.
  • Eco-friendly manufacturing practices and procedures ensures you're supporting an Earth friendly company.
  • Vintage-styled bedding with detailed embellishments helps add depth and texture to any bedroom decor.
  • Organic cotton or hemp fabrics are eco-friendly choices and take the dyes better than many synthetic fibers.
  • Colors range from rich deep colors to soft pale hues.
  • Free shipping for domestic orders.

Potential Downsides of the Bedding

Some people may find a few cons to purchasing Bella Notte Linens, based on personal preferences, such as:

  • Since all orders are custom-dyed, the wait time is between six to eight weeks. Impatient customers may find this too long a wait.
  • Many of the subdued colors might not be ideal for some bedroom décors, especially customers preferring bright vivid colors.
  • Subtility and romantic bedding may not be the style desired for customers wanting bold patterns.
  • If a masculine-themed bedroom design is required, you may need to look elsewhere.
  • The cost for these unique custom bedding linens may exceed the average cost-conscious buyer's budget. Lucking up on sales and discontinued items can mean deep savings, but may still make the cost prohibitive for some design budgets. Prices range from $126 to $1,076+.

Where to Buy

There are many retail stores that carry Bella Notte Linens. Customers can buy directly from the company or from one of their retailers. Most of the retailers sell Bella Notte items for the same price. Some have a few in-stock, but the majority, like the Bella Notte website, offer a 6-8 week delivery from time of order since the linens are custom dyed to order.

Order Directly From Bella Notte

If you wish to order directly from Bella Notte, the bedding linens are organized by collection, individual pattern styles or specific item, such as duvet covers, etc. Other options for ordering found directly from Bella Notte include:

  • The company website features a listing of retailers by state. Each listing includes the store address, phone number and website link.
  • Bella Notte Linens Showroom is located in Dallas, Texas at the Dallas Market Center (Monday - Thursday) Friday only by appointment only (214)-746-4262 or email.

Layla Grayce, Roswell, GA

Layla Grayce features home decor and gifts with a focus on relaxed sophistication. The company prides itself in offering quality products that can become family heirlooms. The website features Bella Notte bedding as well as the Collection fabrics for sale by the yard.

  • Price Match: If customers find the same product at a lower price on another website, Layla Grayce will match the lower price. In addition, the company will also give the customer 10% of the pricing difference.
  • Trade Program: The program is a trade account for design professionals. Members receive 15% off their purchases. Member also participate in sneak previews of new collections, design consultations, access to customer relations specialists and support.

Layla Grayce Corporate Office is located at 570 Colonial Park Dr, Ste 307, Roswell, GA 30075. Their phone is (770) 599-7896.

Cottage Chic, Pineville, NC

Cottage Chic had two store locations. The stores feature Bella Notte Collections with a few notables that include:

  • In-stock: Cottage Chic advertises as the "largest stocking retailer of Bella Notte in the world!" If you are seeking items that can be shipped quicker, you may want to browse the in-stock items first.
  • In-house design service: If you need help in designing your bedroom, you can take advantage of their complimentary interior design services for any of your purchases. Simply contact the company directly at (910) 691-8380 or
  • The store offers a curated bed design page where you can purchase the entire curated bedding look.

Cottage Chic also carries furniture, lighting, and accessories to complete your Bella Notte bedroom design. Cottage Chic is located at 105 Cherokee Rd, Suite 1E in Pinehurst, NC 28374; the company also has a store in nearby Charlotte, NC.

Awards, Recognition and Reviews

Bella Notte Linens has been a finalist in prestigious industry awards as well as having received industry recognition and recommendations as well as positive customer reviews.

  • 27th Annual ARTS Awards Finalist in the Home Textiles category
  • Finalist in the 2014 Martha Stewart American Made Awards for the Textile Design Category
  • 2014 Eco Choice Awards Finalist for "Most Sensitive Use of Materials" category for its Adele Bedding
  • Decoholic Interior Design named Bella Notte as one of the 10 Best Linen Bedding.
  • The Bella Notte Outlet features lots and lots of five star reviews from customers who are pleased with their purchases. Some comments include, "The quality is supreme," "Great products, Loved all of it!" "Simply gorgeous" and "The color is dimensional and rich."
  • Houzz forum discussion on Bella Notte provides customer insights about their purchases and how much they love the colors, fabrics and styles. "I love the colors and the fact that you can wash it," says one enthusiastic customer. Another customer commented that the fabric "softens over time" while one states she recommends Bella Notte Linens since "they wash up great" and "the quality is really good."

Exploring Bella Notte Bedding Linens

There are so many options available when shopping Bella Notte Linens for a bedroom. You can mix and match colors and pattern designs to create a truly one-of-a-kind, sophisticated and romantic chic bedroom design.

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