9 Unique Bedding Ideas for Daybeds That Won't Put You to Sleep

Bedding Ideas for Daybeds

Transform a drab, neglected daybed with a few unique bedding ideas that won't put you to sleep until you're ready. A few simple additions and you'll want a daybed in every room.

1. Summer Porch Elegance

There's no reason you can't move your daybed onto the porch for late afternoon naps or cool summer evening sleepovers.

  • Look for a handmade scalloped-edge quilt to feature on the daybed. This image has relaxing shades of blue and white, but you can choose any color you prefer.
  • Add bolsters and sham pillows to make this a comfy nap place.
  • Choose a bed crown as a surprise design element that supports a mosquito netting. Elegant yet practical, it's a great solution for ensuring sultry summer night comfort.

2. Multiple Embroidered Pillows

This little girl's playroom offers an inviting daybed design ideal for an afternoon nap. There are plenty of adorable embroidered pillows for snugging up to dreamland.

  • Collect different embroidered pillows within the color palette.
  • Choose pillows that are unique and offer intricate needlework.
Multiple Embroidered Pillows

3. Brown Leather Office Daybed

A leather upholstered daybed is a nice masculine touch for a home office.

  • Use a dark brown fitted bedspread for a deeper depth. You can change this to a lighter value if you wish greater contrast.
  • Tan pillow shams with a dark brown welting create the perfect contrast color to draw attention from the sheeting.
  • Texture is the focal point of the throw pillows with multi-brown and grays.
  • Add a pop of accent color with teal pillows.
Brown Leather Office Daybed

4. Dreamy and Inviting

The end of this home office is transformed when a poster frame encases this daybed.

  • Use string curtains to drape all sides of the daybed and gather with tiebacks in front to create an inviting dreamy space for a lazy afternoon nap.
  • Soften harsh lines are with a fitted cover and matching bolster pillows.
  • Give contrast and texture with soft brown velvet pillows on this unique daybed creation.
Dreamy and Inviting

5. Orange and White

This daybed gives the room a burst of color and distinction.

  • Use a mattress cover and side bolster pillows in orange or another bright or dramatic shade of your preference.
  • Anchor each end of the daybed with two oversized pillow shams in a lighter color.
  • Choose interesting center pillows that include your selected shades, such as the look here that includes orange, green and white stripes, a tree design pillow and a button lumbar pillow cover.
Orange and White

6. Lush Sealife Décor

Nothing says your daybed design needs to be traditional. Go whimsical by opting for a unique design complete with a matching wavy design bed skirt.

  • Choose a daybed cover that brings an under-the-sea theme to the surface in a big way.
  • An array of light and dark blue with white gives this daybed a rippling effect with pink and yellow accent colors.
  • Use two pillow shams that match the cover, and two shams that contrast the cover in the same fabric as the bed skirt.
Lush Sealife Décor

7. Turquoise and White Medallions

Give your daybed a crisp vibrant look with a turquoise and white pattern.

  • Choose a fun turquoise medallion design rich in dark blue and white accent colors.
  • Select a pair of matching pillow shams that repeat the pattern and colors for a unique backdrop against a white louvered bed.
  • Use another long pillow sham in the same color as the turquoise bed skirt for balance and interest.
Turquoise and White Medallions

8. Drama in Black and White

You can create a dramatic look with bold black-and-white striped pillow shams and a matching bed skirt.

  • A black and white quilted damask coverlet with matching shams breaks up the vertical lines for a softening effect.
  • For added interest, layer a few smaller pillows in solid and patterned designs. You can vary the sizes and shapes for greater design depth.
Drama in Black and White

9. Bolster Up Your Design

Transform a plain daybed cover with matching long bolster pillows at each end.

  • Add another bolster pillow to the back of the daybed in a contrasting fabric pattern.
  • For a nice accent color, use a pair of throw pillows.
Bolster Up Your Design

Unique Daybed Design Ideas

There are many ways you can create a unique daybed design. These bedding ideas provide inspiration for creating a personalized new look for your daybed.

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9 Unique Bedding Ideas for Daybeds That Won't Put You to Sleep