Window Valance Ideas

Valance Ideas

The Internet is a great place to find window valance ideas. Window valances are small curtains that cover the uppermost part of a window. They may be used in conjunction with, or separate from, traditional curtains and can add lively colors and unique looks to the rooms of your home. Many different types of valances are available for purchase, but many can be made using low-cost materials. Swag valances or scarf valances are especially simple window treatments for individuals who would like to be creative with a few yards of fabric. Other types of popular valances, from balloon to ascot valances, can be made out of more expensive materials in a variety of colors, patterns, sizes, and shapes. If you want to put new valances in your windows, check out these websites for some great ideas.

Design Ideas

Since valances can take any shape or form, get creative when creating your valances. There are several major types of valances you can create, some using materials found around the house or other unique materials designed to showcase your personality.

  • Scarf treatments can be made by placing a piece of fabric over a curtain rod and artfully draping the fabric. Use a favorite fashion scarf from your closet or pick one up at an antique fair or market for a truly unique look.
  • Flip Top Valance: A flip top valance is a rectangle of fabric that hangs over the curtain rod. Multiple pieces of fabric in different colors can be used to create a layered look. Coordinate your colors or choose contrasting fabrics to make the window really pop.
  • Balloon Valance: Use curtain rings to create balloons in fabric to create a full, dressy style. Again, you can get creative with your fabric and choose a design that matches your taste and style.

Links to Window Valance Ideas

  • HGTV: In addition to providing dozens of window valance ideas, this website offers helpful tips on how to make or alter window valances yourself. Sewing instructions are included for several different valance styles, and many no-sew options are included for those who are not comfortable using a sewing machine. Although many of the valances are do-it-yourself, some (such as box valances inspired by the bedroom of Cornelius Vanderbilt) have a touch of true class and elegance.
  • Window Blinds Project: The Window Blinds Project shows pictures of the various types of window valances that complement different rooms. Great window valance ideas are provided for girls' bedrooms, kitchens, and homes with wooden blinds. Less common types of window treatments, such as swag valances and pennant valances are included in the photographs along with the type of space in which they best fit.
  • Pate Meadows: Pate Meadows is full of patterns for people who want to create their own valances. Many of the patterns are modern and bright, while some are classier. A few even have a retro edge. The valances on this site will suit the tastes of all individuals, and for those who find the perfect valance but cannot sew, ready-made valances are offered for sale. Photos included sometimes show different color schemes for each valance idea.
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