Water Bed Sheets


Water bed sheets are typically available in a variety of styles for virtually any budget.

Purchasing Water Bed Sheets

In many cases, consumers hesitate to purchase a water bed because they worry about the expense that special sheets may incur. Typically, there is no real need for concern, however, as there are numerous sheets available that are perfectly fine for a water bed. One point to keep in mind, however, is that if you have a hard-sided water bed, you'll probably need to purchase sheets that are specifically designed for this type of bed. However, if you have a soft-sided mattress, you can often use traditional sheets and forgo the search for water bed sheets.

Finally, you can usually find sheet sets for water beds at a variety of places, including Target and Wal-Mart. If you recently purchased a water bed, the store from which you bought the bed may also sell sheets and other accessories. In some cases, you may be given discounts if you buy everything at the same time. You can also find waterbed sheets online at the following sites:

Understanding Fit

Before you purchase a set of sheets for your water bed, it is important to understand how to buy a sheet set that will snugly fit your bed. While of course you'll need to purchase sheets designed to fit whatever size bed you have, be it twin, full, queen, or king, you'll also need to consider the type of frame and the depth of the mattress. Since water beds are often longer than conventional beds, this means that traditional sheets may not fit your bed. Take a look at the following facts regarding fit.

  • Many water beds are a good 10 inches longer than a traditional mattress of 74 inches. *Typically the most common size water bed is the queen size, and sheets are usually much easier to find than full size sheets.
  • Full size water beds are often referred to as double size.
  • Twin size water beds are often referred to as single size.
  • Super single water bed sheets are designed to be a bit wider than a twin but not as wide as full size sheets.
  • When you consider size, keep in mind that the addition of mattress pads will affect the fit of the bed sheets.
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