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Window Valance

Adding a window valance or changing the style of your valance is one of the most practical ways to spruce up your rooms without any major renovations. A window valance is a type of window treatment that usually covers the upper 14 to 18 inches of your window. Window valances can be hung with curtains or blinds, and can add life and excitement to even the most boring and mundane window treatment. A valance can also be used by itself.

Window Valance Styles

Valance styles can be modern or traditional; country or city; sophisticated or cozy. You can coordinate them to match your curtains, or choose wild colors to make a room more exciting. They can be as fancy or as plain as you like and can be made from a wide selection of different fabrics and materials. There are many options from which to choose including making and installing your own with a little bit of creativity and talent.

Scarf Treatment

One classic style is the scarf treatment. A scarf window valance will instantly give a room an elegant ambiance. It requires only a long sheet of fabric. Start at the middle of the rod and place the center portion of the scarf over it. Drape the remaining fabric along the rod and let the scarf hang down naturally along the window sides. Play with the ends to create volume at the front of the window like the bottom of a ball gown.

Flip-Topper Window Valance

A flip-topper window valance is a more technical style. The flip-topper is a large rectangle that hangs over the curtain rod like a towel draped over a shower bar. It makes use of two fabrics that can contain two tones of a color for more depth and drama. The flip-topper effect exposes the front cloth while still showing off the one at the back. Fringes, bows, and other touch-up materials can be added to the edge of the windows for a more elaborate look.

Rod Pocket

A rod-pocket is another style for window valances. It can either be hung on a spring rod or on a curtain rod to create ruffles along on the top of the window. The wider the fabric, the more ruffles can be made.

Tab-Top Valance

A tab-top valance, on the other hand, covers the window in a manner similar to that of the rod-pocket but this time, the rod is exposed. Tabs are carefully sewn to the top of the valance and this creates a simple canvas where buttons, quilt patches, bows, and other ornaments can be added. All it takes is a little creativity.

The Balloon

A balloon valance is one of the more intricate window valance styles. A balloon valance gives your window a fuller and puffier look, making your windows the focal point of your room. Typically, floral and other elaborately designed fabrics complement balloon valances best. To create the balloon, rings attached to the edge of a fabric are used to draw the fabric together, making the necessary space for the balloons in the fabric to hang down in place.

Choosing a Style

Valances create fun opportunities to play with color, fabrics, designs, and different textures. A valance also opens up the possibility of highlighting your window treatments with accessories such as bows, beads, ribbons, and other accents for a totally revamped window look.

When choosing an appropriate valance style, browse through different online resources for theme inspirations, complete how-to-guides, and many other tips for DIY projects. Visit craft stores to find fabrics for inspiration, or be on the lookout for unique items you can repurpose, such as a vintage scarf. If it's an instant, cheap room makeover you want, give these affordable, easy-to-install, attractive window treatments a try. They literally and figuratively can add light to a room.

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