Tufted Floor Cushions

Luxurious tufted silk pillow
Luxurious tufted silk pillow

Tufted floor cushions bring a fresh, unexpected look to any room. Combining the casual spirit of a floor pillow with the natural elegance of tufting makes these home accessories a welcome addition to your living space.

About Tufting

Tufted home accessories, such as pillows and ottomans, bear an extravagant look that instantly changes the personality of a room. The intriguing style is achieved through one of three processes that involve pulling, sewing or folding a particular geometric pattern into a fabric, which is then affixed to a particular object. The patterns are often diamond shaped, but may also be triangle or square shaped. The result is a polished, flawless look that lends any piece charm and elegance.

Folding, one of the most common tufting methods, involves using buttons to cover the indentations that develop when the pattern is sewn into the fabric. This is often seen in such household items as chairs and bed headboards. The pulling method, on the other hand, eliminates the use of buttons altogether, instead tying twine underneath the fabric in the areas where the indentations develop. The twine is thus not visible. This type of look is commonly seen on vinyl restaurant chairs.

Elegant Tufted Floor Cushions

Floor cushions are lauded for their comfort, coziness and ability to add a splash of color to a room. They can be simple and lightweight, or heavily decorated and quite large. Given their versatility, they're often used as alternatives to basic seating and even tables on occasion. They also vary in shape. Typical floor cushions are square, but can also be rectangular or circular.

Using a tufted-style cushion is one way to add a touch of simple elegance to the room. Just as a bright color can instantly perk up a neutral palette, tufting exudes a certain sophistication that can enhance the formality of a room. Though tufted furniture tends to look most at home in dressier settings, such as opulent living rooms or bedrooms, accent pillows take on a more casual look and serve as intriguing counterpoints in an otherwise simple family room or bedroom design.

Despite general sense of extravagance, tufting employs a homier, more relaxed feel on pieces as casual as floor cushions. Stacked in the corner of a room, splayed out around the family room or placed outside on the patio, floor cushions serve a very functional purpose of comfortably supporting a person for extended periods of time. For that reason, many tufted floor cushions appear laid back, though there is certainly no dearth of extravagant styles, either. The latter are perfect to use as accent pieces.

Where to Purchase

Many home furnishing retailers carry variations of tufted cushions. When you're shopping, consider the style of your room and what sort of look you hope to achieve. If you plan to use the cushions primarily for function and comfort, seek out styles that are plush. Down-filled varieties, for example, serve this purpose well.

If, on the other hand, enhancing the room décor is your primary goal, then look for styles that are intricately decorated, either with some sort of embellishment or with vivacious colors. Here are a few options to consider:

  • Bobby Berk Home is an ideal first stop if you're seeking tufted cushions for decorative purposes. The company carries a range of floor cushions by Blissliving Home, each lavishly colored, patterned and sized to impress. Prices start at $95.
  • Crate & Barrel carries a small selection of tufted ground cushions that are ideal for outdoor use. Transporting them is simple, thanks to a convenient handle on one end of the cushion. The company also carries a modest range of tufted pillows that are better suited for indoor use. Both styles are available in a variety of colors and feature a single button in the center of the diamond-shaped pattern. Prices range from $36.95 to $49.95.
  • CB2, a sister store of Crate & Barrel that carries a range of affordable, modern products for the home, also has a limited range of tufted cushions. Perfect for placing in a casual setting, these floor cushions are covered with heavy-duty cotton and available in a variety of colors. Prices start at $49.95.
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Tufted Floor Cushions