Tropical Print Bedspreads

tropical print bedspread in white bedroom

Tropical prints for bedspreads can transform your bedroom into a paradise haven. First decide on the style you like and then explore the available designs.

Exotic Hawaiian Tropical Bedspreads

Hawaiian bedspreads have a long tradition in either a ripple or echo quality pattern. Hawaiian design styles feature applique designs specific to the Hawaiian culture. Some of these iconic patterns include breadfruit, hibiscus, orchids, pineapples, bird of paradise, coral, crown flower, ukuleles, and of course the Hawaiian lei. You may discover Moana Quilts bedspread designs the perfect solution for your authentic Hawaiian bedroom design.

  • You can use a Hawaiian styled tropical bedspread with rattan or wicker furniture for a truly authentic feel.
  • Give your poster bed that extra ambience with a mosquito-styled bed draperies or sheers.
  • Silk pillows with tassels will add a romantic flair to a Hawaiian quilt bedspread.
  • A teenage surfer will appreciate a pair of Hawaii surfing pillow prints for their Hawaiian tropical print bedspread.
Parrot and Yellow Orchid Tropical Bedspread
Parrot and Yellow Orchid Bedspread

Brilliant Splash of Color Tropical Bedspreads

There are many bedspreads that feature designs that bring a splash of color into a tropical print. For example, you may select a large watercolor print of tropical plants in bold vibrant colors for a striking bedspread design.

  • Select one or three colors from your bedspread for solid colored accent pillow(s).
  • Repeat the splashes of color with various pillow designs, such as stripes, polka dots, plaids, wavy lines, and other patterns.
  • Match your bedroom accessories and fabrics to complement this bedspread style.
Colorful Flamingo and Hibiscus Garden Bedspread
Flamingo and Hibiscus Tropical Garden Bedspread

Palm Frond Bedspread Designs

You can add a flair of the tropics with a palm frond bedspread design. If you're searching for a bedspread with green palm fronds, you'll be happy to discover a number of palm frond bedspread designs available in this typical color. Some prints feature light and breezy palm frond designs while others are bold and dramatic.

  • You can easily create a breezy tropical bedding design when you opt for matching fabric pillows.
  • You can also pick up different accent colors in the bedspread and add similar solid colored pillows.
  • Layer pillow shapes and style for an elegant tropical hideaway designer look.
Tropical Palm Frond Print Bedspread
Tropical Palm Frond Print Bedspread

Colorful Palm Frond Bedspread Designs

If you prefer something other than a green palm frond, you'll be pleased to discover many color choices that go beyond the lush green paradise designs. For example some bedspread designs palm fronds in unusual colors. If your bedroom design is blue, you can find blue palm fronds and even pink, orange, or purple ones.

Pale Frond Colors With Floral Designs

You can introduce other colors into your bedroom décor when you select a palm frond bedspread design that features flowers. For example, you might like a pattern of tropical palms with pale pink hibiscus flowers interspersed with the palm leaves, such as the Katia tropical bedspread.

Wild and Carefree Tropical Beach Scenes

You can go as wild and carefree as you like with unique and unusual bedspreads. Modern printing techniques can provide large tropical beach scenes in bold energetic and realistic colors.

  • This type of bedspread is a great choice for a modern style bedroom.
  • If you have beach-loving kids, this bedspread design could be a favorite.
  • This grand bedspread design will be a great showcase for a tropical themed bedroom.
Tropical Island Beach Scene Print Bedspread
Tropical Island Beach Scene Bedspread

Breezy Palm Tree Bedspread Designs

Whether you are designing a traditional bedroom or creating an informal tropical décor, palm tree icons can add an ambiance to your design. Some of these print designs feature a single palm tree, often highlighted within a square or other shape, while others are carefree stylized designs of exotic scenery.

  • Some palm tree bedspreads are used in a combination of stripes or plaids for a contrasting design choice.
  • You can repeat the palm tree theme by placing a pair of decorative pillows with a center square encasing a palm tree among the other bed pillows.
  • You may want to add a subtle touch with a bed throw in a tropical pattern design or pull out one of the bedspread colors to use as an accent color.
Tropical Palm Tree Print Bedspread
Tropical Palm Tree Print Bedspread

Palm Tree Beach Scenes

Palm tree designs are often placed among other tropical elements, such as a beach and ocean scene, or stylized with a chaotic splattering of palm tree designs. A few bedspread designs offer a blue background with variegated green and even blue palm fronds.

Exotic and Dramatic Tropical Bird Print Bedspreads

You may be searching for an exotic and dramatic tropical bedspread to make your bedroom design pop. Some of these designs have a retro or vintage style, while others are strictly modern interpretations. You may want to first decide on the type of bird you wish to showcase, such as a pair of colorful parrots or pink flamingos.

  • Bird lovers often gravitate toward tropical bird prints for a truly exotic looking design.
  • Play up the colors of these showy feathered friends with various accent and decorative bed pillows.
  • Choose striped bed sheets or go with a contrasting solid color for a stunning bedding ensemble.
  • This type of vibrant tropical bedspread makes a great kids' bedroom choice.
Tropical Parrot Print Bedspread
Tropical Parrot Print Bedspread

Lush Tropical Plants

Forget the palm trees and go all out with a wide array of lush tropical plants. You can get lost in the thick tropical jungle plants that feature broad leaf and feathery elegant foliage.

  • Introduce an accent color into your green and white color scheme, such as yellow, red, blue, purple, pink or orange.
  • You can add ruffles and lace pillows for a more feminine look.
  • If you're going for a masculine look, choose a couple of pairs of leather pillows in light and dark brown.
Tommy Bahama Palmiers Comforter Set
Tommy Bahama Palmiers Comforter Set

Nostalgic Vintage-Styled Tropical Bedspreads

If you're feeling a little nostalgic, a vintage inspired tropical print might be the solution for your bedspread design. These bedspreads recapture the past in an authentic feeling of tropical prints. From a vintage paneled "Woodie wagon" to a surfer's paradise vintage styled tropical bedspreads, there's something for all ages.

  • You can add complementary bed pillows, such as a 3D applique hula dancer or surfboard.
  • Green ribbon leaf pillow designs provide textures that can add depth to your bedspread choice.
  • Choose solid colors with multi-colored tassel or fringe trims.
Nostalgic Hawaiian Surfer Print
Nostalgic Hawaiian Surfer Print

Tropical Print Bedspread Inspirations

You can infuse a little tropical ambiance into your bedroom design with a unique tropical bedspread. Be sure the bedspread colors go with your bedroom color palette, so it looks as though it has always been part of your bedding décor!

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