Top 10 Most Used Bedding Themes

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If you're needing a change in bedding decor, a look at the most popular themes is a good starting point. The top 10 most used bedding themes offer a wide choice and variety of styles for your bedroom

10 Most Popular Bedding Themes

1. Floral

Florals are a great way to brighten up your bedroom décor to add a flair of drama and romance. You can choose from large vivid floral patterns to small prints of all kinds of flowers. Paisleys fall into this category since many times these designs are also stylized into flowers.

Floral designs are often mixed with stripes or polka dots for a whimsical and fun effect. Mix floral patterns by selecting a different size of flower for pillows, a quilt, or a throw. Just make sure the colors go together and you'll be fine. You might wish to select a complementary palette which means you'll use the opposite colors on a color wheel. Examples include red and green, blue and orange, and yellow and purple.

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2. Country

Ever since America's 200th birthday in 1976, the country look has reigned popular across the nation. This look ranges from Primitive Country to the elegant Colonial styles you find in Colonial Williamsburg interiors. Plaids, gingham, checks, pinstripes, ticking, and delicate tiny flowers appear in these designs.

Go for a lodge look with bear and deer motifs. You may prefer the simple rustic style of pre-Colonial. Whatever your design preferences are, there's something for every budget. Don't forget to add a patchwork quilt to the end of the bed for a true authentic country look.

Visit the Retro Barn for examples of country-style bedding.

3. Tropical

Create an island resort feel for your bedroom that invites you to relax at the end of a busy day. You can find just about any kind of island motif accessory, from a palm frond ceiling fan to a bedside bamboo lamp. You don't have to spend a fortune to bring your favorite memories of a tropical vacation into your home. Think outside the box when it comes to buying tropical bedding. Consider a red palm leaf for a dramatic and unique décor.

Visit Ocean Styles for examples of island-inspired bedding designs.

4. Animal Prints and Faux Fur

Animal prints are still extremely popular. With the advent of synthetic fibers, the look and feel of real fur has given this design choice a boost into safari and tropical themed rooms. You can purchase bedding with a hint of print or a full-sized faux tiger or leopard print. Because these are all man-made prints, you aren't limited to only natural colors. You can buy purple or pink animal prints and if those are too wild for you, select a tamer yellow or lime green print. Whichever color and style you use, there are plenty of choices.

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5. Retro

From the 1920s all the way to the 1970s, the look is retro and just as popular as it ever was. There are so many choices for your retro bedding and the good news is, you can mix different eras for a truly unique retro décor. Choose from characters like Betty Boop or the popular Chevy car motif. Go sophisticated with an art deco comforter or perhaps a mod design is more your style.

Visit Houzz for looks from decades past.

6. Southwest

The 1970s and 80s saw a surge of all things southwestern as Americans discovered the beauty and elegance of turquoise and authentic Native American art and jewelry. You have an endless choice of various motifs used in bedding designs. These range from designs taken from Native American blankets to desert flowers and cacti. The desert colors of Arizona, New Mexico and Texas bring an array of aquas, corals, tans, browns, and yellow to bedding. With the perfect bedding selection, you'll feel as though you stepped through your bedroom door into another time.

Visit Paul's Home Fashions for examples of southwestern bedding.

7. Beach and Coastal

The beach and coastal bedding choices are colorful and filled with the expected beach motifs of shells, anchors, boats, sea gulls, and more. You'll first need to decide on the kind of look you want for your oceanside hideaway. You aren't limited to blue and white, because there are many bright colors available in this themed bedding. Recreate the feel of an old beach cottage, so real you'd swear you can hear seagulls and the pounding surf outside your bedroom windows.

Visit Beach House Linens for examples of coastal-style bedding.

8. Victorian

The Victorian era spanned so many years that it had numerous design stages. This is why you'll find such a wide range of choices for this bedding theme. Colors will range from typical Victorian pastels to deep rich Arts and Crafts colors.

  • Floral patterns of all sizes, especially roses
  • Geometric shapes and patterns
  • Japanese motifs
  • Lace especially tatted or crocheted matched with fine linens or silks
  • Velvets and tapestries with gold or colorful tassels

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9. Asian

Asian bedding is quickly becoming a favorite choice for those seeking a tranquil and restful bedroom setting. Recreating the feeling of a Zen moment is easy when you select the perfect Asian-style bedding. Soft pale greens and blue or vivid silks can be contrasted with dark wood colors. Bamboo motifs, lotus flowers, dragons, koi, and Chinese characters are all excellent choices. If you're redecorating and buying new furniture, you might want to select a dark wood finish to showcase your gorgeous, new, Asian bedding.

Visit Asian Bath and Bed Designs for Asian-inspired bedding.

10. Toile

Toile is a long-standing favorite for an elegant classic bedding design. This 18th century French design tells a story with engraved-like detailing. Toile designs are always found in a monochromatic color scheme. These detailed patterns are either printed on a cream or white fabric background. You can design your room around this bedding with either a high-design or classic French country décor.

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Make It Your Own

No matter what theme you choose for your bedroom, give it your own unique touch. Use images and descriptions as guides, but don't be afraid to make the style your own. After all, you will be spending many hours per day in your bed, so you want it to reflect your style, taste, and personality.

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