Tinkerbell Comforter Set

Tinkerbell Comforter

A Tinkerbell comforter set is the perfect bedding for a little girl's bedroom.

About Tinker Bell

Sir James M. Barrie wrote the play Peter Pan and created Tinker Bell, a pixie who was in love with Peter Pan. The original portrayal of Tinker Bell was nothing more than a light that was shone onto the stage. In 1953, Disney created the animated version of the play. It was Marc Davis, an animator, who actually created the pixie you know as Tinker Bell. He gave Tink a pair of wings and modeled the impish creature after Margaret Kerry, who was hired to be the live action model for Tinker Bell. Ms. Kerry acted out the scenes on an empty stage while being filmed so animators could use her for modeling all of Tinker Bell's facial expressions and poses.

Tinkerbell Comforter Set Styles

The name is spelled Tinker Bell, but many of the official Disney items you'll find use the names combine as one, Tinkerbell. There are quite a few comforter sets available that depict the cute animated character.

Tinkerbell Fairies Flitterific Comforter

This predominantly purple comforter is a composite of design and colors. Tinker Bell wears her green outfit and her three pixie fairy friends are in yellow and orange costumes. Large purple flowers dominate the foreground with a soft lavender background filled with trails of fairy dust. The polyester-filled comforter is available in twin size. The comforter material is forty percent polyester and sixty percent cotton. This set includes one fitted sheet and one pillowcase.

Disney Tinkerbell Neverland Fairies Set

This twin size lavender comforter set, Tinkerbell Neverland Fairies, includes the comforter, one fitted sheet and a pillowcase. The center of the comforter is a print of Tinker Bell among a bed of large purple flowers. The pillowcase features Tinker Bell with her wand in one hand and an arc of fairy dust over her head with her wings spread wide.

Disney Tinkerbell Garden Treasures

This four- piece toddler set, Tinkerbell Garden Treasures, is in lavender satin and includes a comforter, one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and one pillowcase. Tinker Bell and her friends are featured on this satin quilt top comforter.

Tinkerbell Optic Comforter Set

The Tinkerbell Optic Comforter Set is manufactured by Dan River. It consists of a purple background with aqua-colored flowers that match the color of Tink's wings. This is the latest design in the Disney collection. Tinker Bell is the star of this comforter, as usual, and flutters against the lavender background in her true fairy style.

Set includes:

  • Twin size comforter
  • Bedskirt
  • One standard sham
  • The full set includes everything plus an addition sham.

If you want to complete the look, then you'll need to purchase the 180 thread count percale matching sheet set .

Disney Princess Tinkerbell Purple Twin Set

A polyester and cotton blend is used for the Disney Princess Tinkerbell Twin Comforter Set. The comforter filler is made out of 100% polyester. The overall color is a soft lavender with rose-colored flowers in the background, making it a perfect comforter choice for a bedroom with lavender, yellow or pink walls.The single pillowcase that comes with the set is sure to please your little one. The fantasy creature, Tinker Bell sits in a bed of roses and is surrounding my other flowers. The picture is complete with a sprinkling of fairy dust that sparkles gold overhead in an arch effect.

Twin Comforter Set Includes:

  • Twin Comforter
  • One Pillowcase
  • One Fitted Sheet

Disney Tinkerbell Traditions Comforter Set

The Disney Tinkerbell Traditions Comforter Set is a combination of purple and green colors. Tink is surrounded by lush garden vines of various hues of purple and green complete with stylized flowers. Dressed in her trademark green, mini-length gown and aqua wings makes for a cute design and one that any girl will love!

  • Full size comforter
  • Sassy Floral Microbead Pillow
  • One Sheet Set includes: one fitted sheet, one flat sheet and two pillowcases

Disney Fairies Tinkerbell

The Disney Fairies Tinkerbell Comforter Set one of the most colorful and stylized comforter sets. It features Tinker Bell and her fairy friends against a lavender background. There are large, almost photographic-quality flowers that make the background pop with color. This pre-washed bedding set includes:

  • Twin size Comforter
  • One Standard Size Sham

Disney also offers many Tinker Bell accessories such as lamps, rugs, curtains, and even pieces of furniture sure to please any little girl creating her own fairytale kingdom.

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Tinkerbell Comforter Set