The Turkish Towel Company Interview

The Turkish Towel Company towels

If you're interested in learning more about Turkish towels, then The Turkish Towel Company Interview will give you an inside glimpse of one of the leading manufacturing and retail companies.

Turkish Towels Explored

Have you considered purchasing Turkish towels, but just weren't sure which ones to purchase? Perhaps you've read about the high quality of a Turkish towel and have wondered why this particular towel is considered a luxury bath linen. In this interview, you'll discover how one company delivers quality backed by the age-old traditions of authentic Turkish towel-making.

About The Turkish Towel Company

The Turkish Towel Company is the vision of two families. The Tathali family that lives in Denilzi, Turkey and the Barton Brass family that lives in Peabody, Massachusetts. It was a logical joining of talents when these two families came together.

The Tathalis have been in towel manufacturing and weaving for several generations. It was the Tathalis who spearheaded the transformation of hand-towel production into the electrification of the industry during the 1980s.

Meanwhile, across the world in the United States, Barton Brass had worked over 40 years, designing and developing home textiles. It was a perfect union when these two experts came together to create The Turkish Towel Company. LoveToKnow's Bedding editor Sally Painter had the opportunity to discuss the company's success with President and Principal Barton Brass.

The Turkish Towel Company Interview

LoveToKnow (LTK): How long has the company been in business?

Barton Brass (BB): The Turkish Towel Company has been in business for 12 years.

A Better Towel Choice?

LTK: What makes Turkish towels a better towel choice?

BB: The combination of Turkish cotton and the quality and craftsmanship of weaving towels for generations. Turkish cotton is the best cotton for use in towels because it is not susceptible to moisture like Egyptian cotton. It makes great toweling material because it is the perfect balance of softness and absorbency.

LTK: What makes your company's towels more desirable than others on the market?

BB: We pride ourselves on making the highest quality towels available. We inspect each and every towel three times before it leaves the factory.

Turkish Towel Sets

LTK: What does a typical Turkish towel set include and what they can expect when they purchase one?

BB: A typical towel set includes two bath towels, two hand towels and four washcloths. You can expect thick, luxurious feeling towels that are highly absorbent. Customers will look forward to indulging themselves with a feeling of luxury and comfort.

Lexus Versus Zenith Towel Collections

LTK: What is the difference in the Lexus and Zenith Collections?

BB: Lexus is a single yarn towel and therefore the loops appear shaggy. It is the traditional looping towel. Zenith is made of a two-ply yarn; the yarns are twisted together to produce a thicker and more even pile looking towel.

Organic Turkish Towels

LTK: When did you begin carrying organic Turkish towels? What drove the decision to add these to your products?

BB: We started carrying organic towels four years ago. The decision was made because we felt there would be a demand for a product that was produced without any harmful chemicals being used, either in the growing or dyeing, of the towels.

Spa and Home Specialty Lines

The Turkish Towel Company logo; permissions on file

LTK: What are the Spa and Home specialty lines?

BB: The Spa line consists of products that are used in Spas, such as body wraps and vat dyed towels that will not bleach out when used in the many spa treatments that involve bleaching agents. The Home Specialty collection consists of our black make-up washcloth.

Black Make-Up Washcloths

If you've had washcloths to stain from your make-up and you simply can't seem to get make-up residue out of washcloths, then the Home Specialty Collection may be the solution you seek. A unique concept by The Turkish Towel Company, the black make-up washcloths are the same quality as the thick luxurious towels.

Caring for Your Towels

LTK: Readers who are new to purchasing Turkish towels may worry that the towels require special care. Do Turkish towels require special care?

BB: No. All cotton towels are cellulose in composition and if they are washed in cold water and dried at medium heat, they will last and last and always be soft.

A towel is the only household item that touches your entire body. It should be a pleasurable and comfortable experience.

Other Products

If you've enjoyed The Turkish Towel Company Interview and seek other luxury bath items, then you may be interested in the company's offerings of Turkish cotton robes and slippers. You can find robes in terry, velsoft, velour, organic, and leopard styles.

LTK would like to thank Barton Brass, President and Principal of The Turkish Towel Company for taking time out of his busy schedule to share this exclusive insight to his company.

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The Turkish Towel Company Interview