Thanksgiving Tablecloths

Fall plaid Thanksgiving tablecloth

Thanksgiving tablecloths can add excitement, elegance, or style to your family's turkey dinner.

Dressing Up Your Table

Your family's Thanksgiving feast will be perfect with a great tablecloth chosen just for the occasion. You can select one from a wide range of fabrics, patterns and designs. A tablecloth is a great way to showcase your new set of Thanksgiving dinnerware or is the ideal backdrop for your great-grandmother's heirloom china. A tablecloth can also protect your dining table. Once the celebration is over, it makes for an easy cleanup.

Choosing Your Thanksgiving Tablecloth

When you opt for a tablecloth over placemats, you're making a bigger financial investment. Set a budget and vow to stay within the limits you set and you'll be pleased on turkey day. You won't have any difficulty finding the right tablecloth for your family celebration since there's such a large selection from which you can choose.

Fine Lace

Some people prefer to have a formal table setting for holidays. In many formal settings, lace is prefferred over patterned tablecloths since lace can be versatile enough to use for other occasions. Multiple uses means you get more out of the initial investment.

Many white or beige lace tablecloths need some form of undercloth to accent the lace design. This can be a fun way to create new looks for the same tablecloth. For Thanksgiving, you can choose either a russet, brown, gold, or orange undercloth. You may decide to go all out and buy a patterned lace tablecloth with a specific Thanksgiving or autumn theme, such as autumn leaves. You can still change out the undercloth for a unique look each year. You can also buy lace tablecloths in a range of fall colors that can add to the appeal of your table design.

Crocheted Lace

If your home décor is Americana or Country, then you may prefer to have a table setting more in keeping with this style. A crocheted lace tablecloth is the ideal match. You can choose a beige or tan crocheted lace tablecloth for a great backdrop to your centerpiece and table setting.

Retro Thanksgiving Look

If you're a retro enthusiast then you may decide to go for a completely different Thanksgiving look. There are some colorful retro Thanksgiving tablecloths that you and your family may enjoy. A tablecloth in bold fall colors with patterns of autumn motifs such as corn, sunflowers or pumpkins can give your table setting a fun and creative look.

Turkey Motif

Once of the first Thanksgiving icons you may associate with this holiday is the turkey. You can find a colorful array of tablecloths that feature this long-standing tradition. Some patterns are stylized depictions or colorful renditions of the gobbler in his full plumage, while others are the intricately woven designs of the bird in a lace tablecloth.

Fall Harvest Feast and Pilgrims

Another icon of this American holiday is that of the pilgrims celebrating the first Thanksgiving. The popular theme of the fall harvest in all its colorful foliage makes a great table scene that you can begin to use in early October and throughout the fall season. Farm scenes, colorful red maples, acorns, winter squash, and oak leaves are often used in a fall abundance design. Create a centerpiece of fall leaves and pumpkins to complete your table setting. An inexpensive tablecloth in a fall harvest design made of vinyl or other easy-care material is perfect for an informal table setting or children's table.


There's no truer symbol of a bountiful fall harvest than a cornucopia with the vegetables from the fields spilling out. A cornucopia tablecloth usually has a centerpiece of the cornucopia with a stylized border along the edge of the tablecloth.

Measure Your Table

There's nothing more frustrating than to go through the process of finding the perfect tablecloth only to discover it's too small for your table. While most tablecloths state the accurate size, you need to take into account how far the tablecloth will drop over the edges of your table. Too short a drop will make your table look odd and you won't enjoy your holiday for worrying over this inadequacy.

You can avoid this disappointment by taking the time to first measure your tabletop. Once you have that measurement, you need to decide how far you wish the tablecloth to drop over the edge. A good rule of thumb is 10 to 12 inches for non-banquet settings. You need to add this figure of the drop to your overall size and this is the actual size of the tablecloth you need to purchase.

Where to Shop

If you're shopping locally, then you can actually measure the tablecloth before you purchase it. If buying online, read the description and size very carefully so you don't end up having to return the tablecloth. The following retailers offer a selection of tablecloths well-suited for this fall holiday:

A Thanksgiving table covering can make this holiday feel extra special and create a beautiful table. With the range of different tablecloth styles, you can easily complement your current decor while dressing up your Thanksgiving table.

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