Tablecloths for Round Tables

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Available in a myriad of styles and materials, tablecloths for round tables are perfect for protecting your table and adding a splash of intriguing detail to your dining area.

Simply Necessary

Forget about merely protecting the delicate surface of your table from everyday wear and tear and potential scratches. A tablecloth also serves as a barrier for unpleasant food and beverage spills, many of which can damage certain tabletop materials like wood. Tablecloths also come in handy during parties, when children and adults alike may accidentally knock something over in all the mayhem.

Regardless of the reason, a tablecloth adds a fun visual element to your dining space. Experimenting with different fabrics and colors can instantly give your dining space an entirely new look. Seasonal tablecloths are also available; these correspond nicely with major holidays and can add a festive appearance to your home.

About Tablecloths for Round Tables

Although looking at the aesthetics is certainly the most exciting part of tablecloth shopping, it's important to choose the right size for your table first. Keep in mind that a round table may seat anywhere from two to 18 people, and that there are suitable tablecloths available for small, medium and large size tables alike.

When shopping, err on the side of caution and choose a tablecloth that is slightly longer; a lengthier fall that hangs just a bit more over the side is always more visually appealing than one that hangs short. Once you have the right size, you can focus on the colorful patterns.


Round tablecloths are available in all sizes, but you'll find that the selection in comparison to square and oblong tablecloths is less impressive. In other words, you may have to do some shopping to find a round tablecloth that meets both your size and style requirements.To determine the proper tablecloth size for your round table, you must first decide on how far over the edge you want it to hang. The desired drop of a tablecloth refers to this figure; ideally, it measures between 10 to 12 inches from the edge of the table to a seated individual's lap. Once you know how many inches you prefer for the tablecloth to hang, multiply that amount by two. Take that amount and add it to the diameter of your table.

For example, if your desired drop is 10 inches and your table measures 60 inches, multiply 10 inches by two. The result, 20 inches, is then added to 60, equaling 80 inches. Therefore, you would want to search for a tablecloth that measures roughly 80 inches. Note that this is not an exact science; most tablecloths are sold in standard sizes, so you would opt for a tablecloth as close as possible to your desired figure.


Whether you're shopping for a holiday, a special occasion or everyday, you want to select a tablecloth that corresponds nicely with the occasion. Seasonal tablecloths for round tables usually begin to show up in department stores and specialty linen stores several months before the holiday in question. For example, you can usually begin shopping for Christmas tablecloths as soon as August. For these special occasions, you might opt for a heavily decorated tablecloth made of lace or jacquard, or a formal silk variety.

Select an everyday use tablecloth that has easy-care instructions. Avoid tablecloths that require dry cleaning, as this is impractical for regular use and can become expensive over time. Try a cotton and polyester blend that can be machine washed and requires no ironing.

Folding a Round Tablecloth

When it isn't in use, a round tablecloth should be folded to keep it neat and free of creases. Begin by laying it flat on the table and folding it in half so it resembles a half moon. Then fold the rounded half up so that it meets the straight edge. Next, fold it lengthwise. You will now see the beginnings of a small rectangular shape. Continue to fold the tablecloth into thirds, until it is just the right size to fit into a drawer or other storage area.

A tablecloth is a great addition to your kitchen and dining linen collection, even if you don't plan to use it on a regular basis. You never know when company will unexpectedly drop by, or you may want to have it on hand simply to add a splash of color to your dining or breakfast room. You can always invest in one relatively cheap, high quality tablecloth. It's amazing what a difference one piece can make.

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Tablecloths for Round Tables