Swag Curtains

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Swag curtains are an ideal type of curtain for many spaces. They work well for a window treatment where you want to add a decorative flare, rather than having straight, vertical drapes hanging from a rod.

Using Swag Curtains

Swag curtains usually are made of two pieces of window curtain draped over the window in a triangular fashion. The top and sides of the window block out the sun and view, while light is able to pass through the center of the window. They help to frame the window properly, adding a decorative element to the space while still providing excellent privacy and sunlight penetration.

You can use swag curtains in a number of different places in the home. They work very well over most windows, including those found in the bedroom, bathroom or living room. You can also add them to a paned window of a door, if you want to add a lot of style to this space. Place them in your kitchen to frame out the window.

A wide range of styles, colors and patterns are available. Choose a motif such as an apple or a rooster theme for a kitchen or a floral print for a bedroom. A large number of color options are on the market, too, making it an ideal choice for any color scheme you may use in your space.

How to Display Swag Window Treatments

To place swag window treatments over a window, you have several options. You can use two rods; one placed on top of the other. The under rod will hold the under drape that covers the window completely, while the top curtain rod holds a one-piece swag in the proper shape.

You can also purchase two anchors and place these at the top corners of the window frame. Next, take one long drape to create the swag. Run it through one anchor and then into the next, along the top of the window frame. Allow the swag to hang in the center or pleat it for an ideal look.

To learn more about how to install swag curtains for a modern style, consider this YouTube.com video that shows the steps for creating this look. The video was produced by MakeSwagCurtains.com. They also made this YouTube.com video, demonstrating how to make your own swag curtains. For those with a very specific style in mind, or for those who wish to create their own look, this video is ideal.

Selecting Swag Curtains

Although all swag curtains have the same, basic, three-sided covering for the window, there are several variations of how to frame the window like this. Selecting one is a choice of taste as well as the curtain color and pattern options available.

Selecting Swag Curtains
  • One Piece: One of the simplest ways to get the swag look is to select a curtain precut in the swag shape. Use one rod to hand these in place, along the top of the window.
  • One Curtain: As described above, you can use just one curtain to create the swag look. This Palmero Fishtail Swag offers a very contemporary look, and it is very easy to create. Notice the anchors in the corner are somewhat whimsical.
  • Double Swag: The most traditional swag curtains are those with more than one piece. One piece runs along the top of the window while an under piece frames the window. An example of this style used as a shower curtain is found at Sears.com.
  • Theme Swags: If you are looking for a traditional, country theme for your swag curtains, visit BJs Country Charm.net A number of options are available from which you can select.
  • Kitchen Swag Curtains: Kitchen Curtains are a bit different. You can purchase smaller-sized curtains to fit these windows properly. Here, you have a traditional swag over the top of the window, but the bottom portion of the window is also covered by a curtain. This allows light to stream through, while giving you greater privacy. A good example of these options are the Le Chef Kitchen Curtains.
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