Sunflower Valance

Sunflowers add a splash of color!

Floral prints are almost infectious in their brilliance and cheerfulness, so a sunflower valance may prove just the thing if you're seeking to perk up your home décor a bit. Colorful yet not over the top or overwhelming, this pretty print can transform a room in an instant!

The Beautiful Sunflower

No matter what time of year it is, there's always time to stop and smell the proverbial roses, or at the very least, to appreciate the incomparable beauty of flowers. Women love to receive them, children love to pick them and they adorn everything from paintings to dresses. It's no wonder the real thing is such a welcomed addition to any home!

Sunflowers, in particular, are quite a source of energy and vibrancy. With their magnetic yellow hue, they instantly brighten up any environment and uplift the spirits of even the most downtrodden. It's no mistake that they're called "sun" flowers, either, even without the strong resemblance; the sunflower evokes the same warm, radiant energy as the sun.

Brighten Up With a Sunflower Valance

Floral valances are especially great choices for kitchens. They lend the room an inviting, comfortable feel that instantly make even first-time visitors feel right at home. As hosts, most people can ask for nothing more. Of course, it isn't just about pleasing others. Floral prints of any kind serve as a source of positivity and balance, and it's no secret that bright colors, while also being pleasing to the eye, contribute to a positive outlook on life.

If you're thinking of adding a splash of this fun look to your home, whether in your kitchen or anywhere else, check out a few of these fun choices. As you'll see, styles vary greatly. Whether your preference is for something bright and eye catching or low key and simple, you'll find it among these great window valances.

  • Similar but slightly less dainty (thanks to the lack of a ruffle), the simple Sunflower Valance is a burlap color browna and features a bold sunflower and bee motif. Available for $11.99 at
  • As if to prove just how different designs with the same theme can be, this Tab Sunflower Valance instantly adds a shot of country influence to the room. The tabs are each adorned with large sunflowers bearing beautiful yellow petals. Available for $11.99 at
  • If you prefer to stop and enjoy the artwork, then you'll favor Stacey's Simple Stuff Sunflower Valance, a bold choice featuring shades of dark forest green and golden yellow. Together they paint a picture sure to start a conversation or two - or at the very least put a smile on someone's face. Slightly ruched, this valance can be custom made to accommodate a larger size rod. Available for $15 at
  • Wild sunflowers and red berries share the spotlight on the Blonder Home Accents Sunflower Valance. Not quite as suggestive of country influence as other valance styles, this cream colored valance is ideal for the individual who has a modern sense of décor style, yet still appreciates the earthy beauty of the sunflower. Available for $22 at

Other Shopping Ideas

You'll also find plenty of sunflower-adorned valances on eBay, including styles not commonly found in retail stores. Look for contrasting colors, such as burgundy backdrops etched with tiny sunflowers, and innovative prints, such as gingham checks and sunflowers. The options, as you'll see, are quite vast, so choose wisely. Since valances are generally quite affordable, you can splurge on a couple and determine which best suits your overall décor.

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Sunflower Valance