Southwest Duvet Cover

Southwest Duvet Cover

If you're interested in adding a little Western style to your bedroom, a Southwest duvet cover could be the perfect option. Because duvet covers are affordable and easy to change, you can experiment with fun new styles without worrying about the expense.

Advantages of Using a Duvet Cover

In addition to their affordability, there are many reasons to buy a duvet cover:

  • Duvet covers are basically a large pillowcase that fits over your comforter, which means they provide an easy-to-wash layer between your bedding and the outer layer. While comforters and bedspreads can be bulky and hard to fit in a washing machine, you can easily remove and launder a duvet cover to keep your bed fresh and clean.
  • If you love decorating with a Southwestern flair, you're sure to find a duvet cover to complement your room. Duvet covers come in every style and pattern, and Southwest comforter covers are very popular.
  • It's easy to change and store duvet covers. You can have a flannel duvet cover for winter and a fun, Southwest-printed duvet cover for the spring and summer.

Find a Southwest Duvet Cover

Unless you live in a large city or love to spend a lot of time scouring store shelves, you may have difficulty finding a Southwest-style duvet cover locally. While many department stores carry duvet covers, specific patterns like this theme can be hard to find. Instead, it makes sense to shop on the Internet.The following sites offer great options for Southwest-style duvet covers:

  • Touch of Class has a great collection of lovely Southwest bedding. In addition to the duvet cover, you'll find matching pillow shams, curtain, dust ruffles, and sheets.
  • Paul's Home Fashions is another great source for Southwestern bedding. This store has everything from Native American prints to imitation cowhide duvets. It's the perfect place to transform your bedroom with a Southwest touch.
  • Rocky Mountain Furniture and Western Cabin Décor has a huge selection of linens for your Southwestern bedroom. You'll find everything you need, including duvet covers, to give your room a cohesive Southwestern feel.
  • Saffron Marigold is a great option if you want a very special duvet cover. Bedding at this store is entirely hand-printed, giving in a one-of-a-kind charm. Saffron Marigold offers a hand-printed duvet cover with Navajo motifs.
  • offers Western wear and décor, and this site is a great place to shop for a duvet cover with a Southwestern feel. You'll also find a wide variety of accent pieces to complement your bedding.
  • Black Forest Décor is the go-to site for rustic style and luxury materials. You'll find a wide variety of duvet covers, including Southwest-inspired products.

Before You Buy

Before you order your Southwest duvet cover, be sure to carefully measure your comforter. Some comforters are slightly larger or smaller than the standard size, which can lead to a bunched or rumpled appearance on the bed. For a smooth fit, look for a duvet cover that is just a few inches larger than your comforter.

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Southwest Duvet Cover