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Southwestern colors and prints

Infusing your room with a mix of warm earth tones is as simple as adding Southwest comforters to your bedding collection. In addition to their rich hues, these comforters often boast impressive artwork that adds a serene, casual mood to the room's overall ambiance.

About Southwestern Décor

Now more than ever, themed bedroom accessories and décor are absolutely transfixing. There are many options to choose from, and there is no end to the creative and often unusual designs that contribute to a room's appearance.

Southwestern, in particular, is an intriguing style that pays homage to the region's beautiful colors. It is interpreted in many ways, from simple color palettes to more complex designs that make ample use of American Indian inspired artwork and other tribal motifs. Creating a room inspired by the Southwest is, not surprisingly, quite simple. There is no lack of bedding and accessories available that reflect the region's warmth and natural beauty.

What to Look For in Southwest Comforters

There are several key elements that contribute to a comforter's Southwestern appearance. These are what to look for in your search for the ideal Southwest comforters for your home.


Nothing resonates stronger with the Southwestern theme than color. Look for shades that are warm, rich and spicy, including copper, terra cotta, red, caramel, orange, yellow, brown, mocha, and gold, to name but a few colors. A variation of these hues, either individually or mixed with one another, contribute to a strong authentic Southwestern appearance. Don't shy away from a hint of something unexpected. Turquoise and green, for example, add a shot of brilliance to an otherwise rusty palette, and can liven up the entire room beautifully.


Southwestern art is instantly recognizable and not just for the colors used. Many prominent elements, including nature and wildlife, are seen in artwork of the southwest. Another common theme in Southwestern artwork is Kokopelli, an image of a humpbacked flutist. Artists have been depicting Southwestern life for centuries, culminating today in a collection that includes a rich harmony of classic and contemporary. Add to these images the often-riotous colors favored by Southwestern artists, and the result is mesmerizing.


It's difficult not to focus primarily on design when shopping for Southwest comforters, particularly given their intriguing patterns. It is important, however, to focus on the quality of the comforter itself. The ideal comforter is an investment piece that will bring you years of enjoyment and repeated use. Pay close attention to the care instructions, too; since Southwest patterns are typically quite bold and often dark, the colors may run when washed. Mild detergents and cool water are highly recommended for such items.

Where to Purchase

Whether money is no object or you're following a strict budget, you can easily find plenty of comforters that take their inspiration from the southwest. Visit the following retailers for some options:

  • Overstock: If you're on a budget, check here frequently for a small but reasonably priced selection of Southwest-style bedding.
  • Santa Fe Décor: Specializing in decorative items for the entire home, this online boutique's bedding section is rife with authentic Southwest comforters and matching accessories.
  • Southwest Sensations: If you're in the market for a comforter that features a bold pattern, look here first. This online boutique has a large selection of comforters with geometric patterns, animal prints, stripes, and more.
  • Western Bedding: Here you'll find a wide range of Southwestern-style bedding, packaged in convenient sets that include everything you need to create an authentic look at home.
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