Seersucker Bedspreads

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It's easy to find stylish, fun seersucker bedspreads on the Internet. This easy-care, casual fabric makes an excellent choice for kids' bedrooms and cottage guest rooms, and it even looks great in the master suite.

What Is Seersucker?

Usually made of 100 percent cotton, seersucker is a comfortable, light-weight summer fabric. It was traditionally used only in the warm-weather months, and it used to be a fashion faux pas to wear the fabric during other times of the year. As with most of these rules, when you choose to use seersucker is really now more a matter of personal taste.

Seersucker is generally striped, but it is sometimes available in solid colors. The fabric usually has smooth and rough surface stripes, which gives it a casual, wrinkled appearance. In this way, decorating with seersucker is similar to decorating with linen.

The puckered appearance of seersucker is due to the weaving process. The yarn tension is adjusted during the weaving, resulting in alternating stripes of flat weave and puckered weave. This weaving process actually makes the fabric more durable.

Many Advantages for Summer Bedding

There are many reasons seersucker makes an excellent summer bedding alternative. Put away your heavy quilts and blankets, and try out this fabric for the warm weather months.

  • Seersucker is cool and breathable. Since it's made of 100 percent cotton, this fabric is excellent at wicking moisture and providing a light-weight layer on hot summer nights.
  • It's easy to care for bedspreads made from this fabric. You'll be able to toss your new bedding in the washer and dryer, and there is no need to worry about ironing.
  • Available in a variety of fun summer colors, seersucker gives your room an airy feel.

Using Seersucker in Home Decorating

Because of its slightly wrinkled appearance, this fabric lends a distinctly casual feel to any room. In the bedroom, it provides a cottage look, reminiscent of trips to the seashore. It looks great combined with other nautical bedding. It also makes a fun kids' bedroom fabric. In contrast to chenille bedspreads or other adult bedding, seersucker has a distinctly youthful feel. It is sometimes made into colorful quilts for children's rooms.

Seersucker Bedspreads Online

While you might not see many of these summer-weight bedspreads in your local department store, the Internet is a great source for seersucker bedding. You'll find bedspreads in a variety of colors and styles. The following stores offer some great options for this type of bedding.

  • The Vermont Country Store offers several seersucker bedding options, including this beautiful pastel stripe bedspread.
  • Another great source for seersucker bedding is Orvis. The variety of options and competitive prices make this a great source for bedding. They even offer a year-round option.
  • For bargain deals on bedding of any kind, is always a good place to shop, and seersucker is no exception.

Things to Consider

Before you buy any bedding online, it's a good idea to look at customer reviews. When people love or hate their bedding purchases, they often want to offer a tip to future buyers. These reviews can be a big help in determining whether something is as good as it looks online.When the summer is over, seersucker bedding can make a great layer on the bed. As an accent, it will provide a seaside feel to your room, even in the middle of winter. Because it is generally considered a summer fabric, you may be able to find great deals on seersucker in the late summer and early fall.

Regardless of how you use your seersucker bedding, you'll enjoy the durability and easy care of this traditional American fabric. Your new bedspread will be a delight to you for years to come.

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