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Roxy teal bedding set

Roxy bedding is a fun, hip, free-spirited, and fashionable bedding line from the original surfer girl brand, Roxy. This unique and inspirational style is a great choice for today's young, active woman.

About Roxy

The Roxy brand started in 1990 as a women's swimsuit line. It was an offshoot of the famous male surfer fashion company, Quiksilver. During that time, the surfing industry was a male-dominated world. Roxy marked the beginning of a trend towards recognition of female athletes in the world of surfing, skating and snowboarding.

The Roxy Brand was an instant success. A line of sportswear soon followed the swimsuit line and the brand continued to grow throughout the 90s. In 1994, the reigning ASP Female World Champion, Lisa Andersen, became the first Roxy team member. The Roxy team for women's professional surfing went on to become the world's most respected team in the sport. In the winter of 1995, the first Roxy branded professional annual event, called the Quiksilver, Roxy Pro Women's Surfing Event, took place on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. Over the years, Roxy has grown into a modern, active lifestyle brand.

Roxy Bedding Styles

The designers at Roxy have come up with bold bedding designs that reflect the confident, modern, yet feminine style for which Roxy is famous. These bedding designs are perfect for teen girls living at home, a college dorm room, or a young woman starting out in her first apartment. The bedding sets have either a comforter or duvet with two matching shams (one for twin size). Matching sheet sets, bed skirts and throw pillows are sold separately. Most sets are available in twin, full and queen. The following bedding designs will provide you with a good idea of what Roxy bedding is all about.

Roxy Knock Out Bedding

Roxy's Knock Out bedding set has beautiful, lilac hues and the word Roxy printed repeatedly in various font sizes along one side of the duvet and matching shams. The matching sheet sets contrast nicely with wavy pinstripes. There are three decorative matching throw pillows. One pillow has a tropical island sunset motif while another displays the Roxy logo. The third pillow is a bolster with light and dark lilac hues.

Roxy Express Bedding

A totally tom-boy style with a feminine twist, the Express bedding set features an ultra modern graphic design. The word Roxy is repeated in an asymmetrical pattern, written in large, bold, black and pink letters against a slate gray background. The matching sheets are a colorful, pink, stripe. One of the decorative throw pillows proudly displays the famous heart-shaped Roxy logo.

Roxy Cami Bedding

The bold, crisscrossing teal, aqua, yellow, and taupe bands that flow over the Cami comforter and shams found in this set bring to mind the invisible trails a surfboard leaves when slicing it's way through rippling ocean waves. You can almost imagine a surfboard leaned against the bedroom wall whenever you look at this bedding that includes sheets featuring the word Roxy written over them, .

Roxy Paradise Stripe Bedding

The Paradise Stripe duvet set has a wonderful, soothing, tranquil color scheme of aqua blue and green. Large, tropical flowers adorn the bottom right side of the duvet and both shams. The throw pillows really add character to this bedding set as one pillow features palm trees, atropical rainbow and the word Roxy arched in front. It's easy to see the Hawaiian influence in this pattern.

These are just a few of the many styles Roxy bedding offers. You can find more designs by visiting online retailers

Where to Shop

Now that you have a good idea of what to expect from Roxy bedding, the only thing left to do is go get it. Roxy has retail stores all over the world. You can find out if there is a Roxy store in your area by visiting the Roxy website or by using the store locator. You can also shop for Roxy bedding on the company's website or at the following online retailers:

It's important to note that the Roxy website only lists some of the Roxy bedding set designs the brand has to offer. It's a good idea to check other retailers to see if they carry other designs.

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